Monday, January 2, 2017

QCPC News, January 2, 2017

New Website

QCPC has a new website.  Go to (same address as before).  No login is needed. Here's some of what is on our website.
  •  Our website will always contain the current newsletter along with previous newsletters.  You can search all the newsletters by topic, using the Search function on the lower right side of the website. 
  •  The current members list is available by clicking the tab at the top and inserting the password that was sent to you.  It will no longer be contained in the newsletters because those are posted on the website, and we want to control access to our member list.  You need to click on the back arrow to get from the member list back to the website.
  •  There is also a Suggestion Box tab at the top of the website.  You can e-mail various Board members and Committee Chairs, depending upon the topic of your suggestion or comment. 
  • The Board minutes for 2016 and 2017 (when they become available) are posted on a separate website that you can get to by following the Minutes link on the right side of the QCPC website.  Minutes are also searchable by topic on the Minutes website. 
  •  The links to reserve courts and other pickleball sites are on the right side of the website.

Afternoon and Evening Club Open Play

The QC Pickleball Club is sponsoring afternoon and evening open play at the following times:

Tuesday and Friday Afternoon, 2-4 PM, on courts 9-12.
Monday and Thursday Evening, 6-8 PM, on courts 9 and 10. 

Afternoons are lovely in the winter, so try coming down some Tuesday or Friday for good play.  You must be a member of the QC Pickleball Club to play in these games.  Players at all levels are welcome.

Dues Were Due on January 1, 2017

QCPC dues are $20/person per year. Make your check out to QCPC.   You can pay our new Membership Chair, Susan Jones.  She has a box beside her from door at 2620 E. Arica Lane. 

 Marc Rennesen is Coming Back to QCPC 

and to Green Valley

Mark Rennesen is a pickleball teaching and playing professional.
He is the founder of Third Shot Pickleball and is its Head Coach. With more than two decades of tennis coaching experience to his name, Mark has turned his attention to pickleball. As well as being an expert teacher, he is a high calibre player. 
  • Competes at the 5.0/PRO level and coaches extensively throughout North America. 
  • Guest coach in Indianapolis, Indiana at Pickleball Summit before competing at the 2016 US Nationals in November. 
  • A regular expert guest on The Pickleball Show where he discusses things like modern pickleball strategy, technique, equipment, and coaching best practices.
  • YouTube videos have over 330,000 views
Quail Creek Clinics
Marc Rennesen will be returning to Quail Creek Country Club on January 16 & 17. He will be offering a clinic each morning from 9am-11am. These are intended for 3.0 and 3.5 players who are keen to improve their pickleball games through fun and focused drills and games!

Each session is open to a maximum of 12 people and is just $35. Here are the details:

If you are on the fence, I invite you to look at our totally un-edited survey responses to see what others have said.

 See the Description and Sign up for Renneson's  QC Clinic

Green Valley Clinics

On January 17-19, 2017 Mark Renneson will be hosting pickleball clinics and teaching sessions at the East Center in Green Valley. Quail Creek residents are invited by Green Valley to join these clinics.  The Clinics are listed below:

  •   Advanced drills - 4.0+ - Jan-17 - 6pm-7:30pm - $32 (limited to 1
  •   Start Smart, Win Free Points - 3.0/3.5 -  Jan 17 - 12pm-3pm - $49 (limited to 1
  •   Win With Spin - 3.0/3.5 -  Jan 18 - 12pm-3pm - $49 (limited to 12)
  •   Handling and Using Power- 3.0/3.5 -  Jan 19 - 12pm-3pm - $49 (limited to 12)

Needed:  A Volunteer to be the Court Management Chair

We still need someone to volunteer to serve as Court Management Chair for 2017.  The job description is:
"The Court Management Chairperson will ensure that the courts remain in good playing condition.  He/she will ensure that the ball holders remain full and that the nets are at the correct height.  The Court Management Chairperson will work with the POA to ensure that necessary repairs and maintenance are conducted."

There are individuals who volunteer to keep the ball holders full and who clean up the spider webs.  The Chair doesn't have to do that.  The person serving as Court Management Chair may or may not serve on the Board, depending upon the Chair's preferences.

Contact Jean Bustard,, 303-921-8139, if you are interested in this position.

Round Robins Continue on Wednesdays at  10 AM 

Round Robins will continue to be held on Wednesday mornings, with a 10 AM start time.  The January dates are:  January 11, 17, and 25.  The Round Robins will continue every Wednesday morning, except when there is a Club social on that day.

Separate Men's and Women's doubles play will be offered.

Transitional Round Robins will no longer be offered due to a lack of interest.

Open only to Quail Creek Pickleball Club members.

We will start to play games as close to 10:00 as possible.  To facilitate this please be at the courts and signed in with the round robin captain and warmed up and ready to go by 9:50.

Sign in is available from 9:30 to 9:50 at the Pickleball Courts Ramada. No pre-sign-up is required. Come on time because the charts need to be made up before play can begin.  Late players won’t be registered.

You do not need a partner.  You will be assigned a different partner each game.  Plan on playing six games in a 2 hour period.

Normal doubles play and scoring except first team to reach 11 wins the game.  You do not play “win by two”.

Comments, suggestions, and volunteering to help run a round robin are all welcome at

George Mynatt, QCPC RR coordinator


Bits & Pieces & Reminders

  • Please don't leave your things on the benches.  Hang them on the fence so there will be room for players to sit down.
  • Net Measuring sticks have been interwoven in the net on each court.
  • Items left at the courts are often placed in the loaner paddle box in the Ramada and then taken to the Madera Club House Lost and Found.
  • Members can check out a paddle for a 2 week period. Please email to to make arrangements.
  • Ball baskets for drills and paddles that can be used for the day are available to members in the box between courts 8 & 9.  Use combo 1461 and be sure to relock the box please.
  • Please remember to CLOSE THE GATES when entering and leaving the courts.
  • As a courtesy to others, please be sure to cancel your reservation if your plans change.

    The following items of apparel are not acceptable:
    Tank tops, swimsuits and cutoffs
    Tube tops, bare midriffs, halter tops, cut offs, swimsuits and the like.