Saturday, February 18, 2017

QCPC Newsletter, February 18, 2017

QCPC Associate Member Category Added

The members approved a change to our Bylaws which adds a new membership category to QCPC.  Associate Members are either house guests of Quail Creek residents or short-term renters.  They pay 1/2 of the regular dues ($10 in 2017) and can join for 30 days.  Associate Members can participate in all club-sanctioned activities, such as club open play, round robins, clinics, and classes.  If you or your neighbors are having guests who would like to play pickleball, they may participate in Club activities for 30 days if they become Associate Members.  Membership forms and a place to leave checks will be available soon in the Pickleball Courts Ramada, or contact Susan Jones, 241-3295,  

Sign Up for Referee Clinic 

Lenny Friedman, USAPA Ambassador, will offer a referee clinic at Quail Creek on Saturday, February 25, beginning at 1 PM.  Meet at the pickleball courts ramada.  Click here
to sign up for the clinic.

Fence Damage Has Been Reported

A player ran into the fence on Court 1 during the Firefighters' Tournament.  He's fine, but the fence is not.  Mike Taylor has been made aware of the damage to our fence, and will look into getting it fixed.

Space Still Available for Men in Senior Games

GV Senior Games Pickleball 2.5 Round Robin needs 5 men to fill out the bracket.  Spots for two pairs of men’s double partners and one man to be matched with a partner are available. The tournament is Saturday March 11.  This is a great opportunity to experience play in a tournament setting at the Green Valley East Center Courts.  See the description and sign-up for the Round Robin here, or call Cathy Ciferri at 513-739-1901.

  Volunteer for Senior Games

 The Senior Games will be held at the Quail Creek pickleball courts on March 8-10.  This is a great opportunity to show off out courts to a large number of pickleball players.  Volunteers are needed to help with registration, posting game outcomes, and many other things.  Referees are also needed.  We have had a great response from out members to help out in the past.  If you are willing to volunteer your time for this event, please click on one of the links below and sign up to help out. 

Volunteers click here. 

Referees click here.

Sign Up for Assisted Play

Assisted play will be offered on Mondays from 2 - 4 PM for beginners who are Club Members and who have taken a beginning lesson. This isn't a lesson, but more experienced players will help beginners with various aspects of the game and give them pointers for more successful play.  The first hour will be assisted and the second hour will allow beginners to play pickleball. Please sign up, so we know how many to expect and how many experienced players will be needed. 

Click here to sign up for Assisted Play on February 20, or 27.

Wednesday and Friday Round Robins Return

Round Robins will continue to be held on Wednesday and Friday.  The Wednesday Round Robin will be a standard type, and the Friday Round Robin will use a ladder format.  In February, the start times for both will be 10 AM.  In March, the start times will shift to 9 AM.
The dates are February 22 and 24, and March 1, 3, 17, 22, 24, 29, and 31. There will be no Round Robins on March 8-10 because of the Senior Games and there will be no Round Robin on March 15 because of the Club Social.
Sign-in is available one-half hour before the start (9:30 or 8:30) at the Pickleball Courts ramada. No pre-sign-up is required. 
We will start to play games as close to the hour as possible.  Your captains need the 10 minutes before the games start to allocate courts and prepare the charts, make brief announcements and get players pointed toward their assigned courts. Once this process starts, late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

NOTES ON PARKING:  The round robins are becoming quite popular.  We are in the busy time of year for our community and the club anticipates these events to fill to capacity (14 courts).  Last week, parking became an issue.  If at all possible, consider bikes, golf carts and perhaps car pooling with someone to help relieve congestion.  If you get to the parking lot and are unable to find a spot call the QC Community Services Patrol office at 520-393-2941.  They have been apprised of the possibility of overflow during the RR times and should direct you to a spot by the main gate or along the road.

Comments, suggestions, and volunteering to help run a round robin are all welcome at

George Mynatt, QCPC RR coordinator