Wednesday, September 6, 2017

QCPC Newsletter, September 7, 2017

Saddlebrook Ranch- Quail Creek Invitational

Saddlebrooke Ranch is inviting Quail Creek pickleball players to a fun, social, round robin on their new courts on October 25.  Sign up as double pairs in women’s or men’s doubles and mixed doubles. Rating categories are 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5.  Don’t miss this chance to play as a club with our Robson Community neighbors.  Details of the tournament can be seen here, and you can sign-up here.


There have been many spiders and spider webs on the courts lately.  Larry Hyde and Gary Mencimer are knocking them down at least three times a week.  There have also been large wolf spiders hiding in the ball tubes and inside the balls.  So, be careful when removing a ball from the ball tube.  Also check inside the ball itself for a spider.

Lessons Available

Local Instructors Available for Private Lessons:  Looking for ways to improve you game? Private individual or group lessons is a great way to take your game to the next level.  If interested, contact these individuals directly for more information.  These private lessons are independent of Quail Creek Pickleball Club lessons and clinics to be offered in the upcoming months.

Lenny Friedman - Lenny, our Quail Creek Club Pickleball Ambassador, has been teaching pickleball to all ages throughout the county for years.  Lenny is available for individual or group lessons for skill levels 1.5 to 3.0  Contact Lenny at

Kathy Palese - Kathy is an experienced instructor from Green Valley.  She has helped our Club with beginner and intermediate lessons.  She is available for individual or group lessons for beginners to level 3.0.  Contact Kathy at

Sean Rickard - Sean is one of our local firefighters who learned about the game of pickleball on the courts behind our nearby Fire House.  Sean now has a 5.0 skill ranking and is playing tournaments with some of the best players in the world. His focus is on getting intermediate player (3.5, 4.0 and 4.5) to the next level.  Contact Sean at  (Note - Sean is not available or returning emails until after September 18th.)

Referee Training Session

Lenny Friedman, USAPA Ambassador, will be offering a referee training session on September 9th from 1:00-3:30 in the Conference Room at the Kino Center.  If interested, please click here to reserve a spot.

Take the referee training and improve your pickleball play by expanding your knowledge of the game.  A referee's primary responsibilities are to watch for foot faults on the serve and non-volley lines, to keep track of the score, and to keep a constant pace of the game. Being engaged in the flow of play will help you improve your own play. 

Taking the referee training  does not obligate you to referee in any of the upcoming tournaments at Quail Creek, but your volunteering is appreciated by those running and playing in tournaments.  Referee's aide in providing standardized good play for all.  

Good referees are always appreciated.  Please join us.

Round Robins on Wednesdays

Round Robins will continue on Wednesday mornings.  Sign-in between 6:45 - 6:55, and be ready to play at 7 AM.  If the numbers permit, there will be separate Round Robins for men and women; otherwise, these will be combined.

Blind Date Tournament

On November 11-12, Quail Creek will host a Blind Date Tournament to benefit the Green Valley Food Bank and  Friends In Deed.  Your date (partner) for this tournament will be randomly chosen from players from Green Valley.  There will be Women's, Men's, and Mixed Doubles at the 2.5, 3.0,  3.5, and 4.0 levels.  Information, registration forms, and waivers can be found on our website ( on the right side under Tournaments. Click here to go there directly.