Saturday, November 4, 2017

QCPC Newsletter, November 4, 2017

Halloween Social Was Great 

The Halloween Social was well attended and fun was had by all. Some brave pickileballers came out in full costume. The ramada and pickleball courts were all decked out in Halloween decorations. We had fun playing in a round robin, followed by lots of good food and conversation. Thanks to the Committee for making this possible.


Please Be a Considerate Pickleballer 

Gary Mencimer of the Court Management Committee asks that you read this and follow these suggestions to make their job easier.

 Link for Skill-Level Round Robin Applications

The link for applications for those members who wish to organize skill-level round robins is now available on the website under QCPC Resources on the right-hand side.  You can also get the application by clicking here.

 QCPC Member Meeting

The next Member Meeting of the Quail Creek Pickleball Club is on Thursday, November 16, at 1 PM in combined Ocotillo and Mesquite Rooms in the Kino Center.  We will elect officers for 2018-2019, discuss initiatives started by the Club, and address any concerns that you have.  Plan to be there and help move our Club forward. 

Mixed Intermediate Drills

Separate drill clinics will be available for 3.0 players and for 3.5 players.  Eight players may participate in each clinic. The clinic for 3.0 men and women will be on Friday, November 10, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM, and the clinic for 3.5 men and women will be on Friday, November 11, from 3:15 to 4:30.  Sign up here for the 3.0 or  3.5 clinic. Clinics will be held on Courts 11 and 12.

Be Safe When Playing Pickleball

 The last two Beginner I lessons ended for participants as a result of falling and banging their heads.  On both occasions the fall was induced by running backwards.  Both accidents also included scrapes and bruises.  The first accident was a man and the second, a woman.  Accidents do not show preference or discriminate.  Please remember that you should not run backwards; instead you should turn your body and run sideways without crossing your feet when retreating to the back of the court.

The USA Pickleball Association states that: “While hollow and light weight, the ball used in pickleball is a hard polymer and can travel at a very high rate of speed. The use of eye protection is highly recommended for all players.  Many of us have witnessed someone being hit in the face with a ball or have been hit ourselves.  Unless you are wearing some form of eye protection when you play you are risking an eye injury such as detached retina. Many of us use sunglasses when it is sunny and don’t think about eye protection at night or when it is cloudy.  You should use eye protection anytime you are playing pickleball.”

Wearing proper footwear is essential for maintaining balance while playing pickleball.  Court or tennis shoes are proper footwear while playing pickleball.  For more information, please read an article by Sarah Ansboury on shoes.

Even though it is November, the weather is still hot and dry.  It is important to stay hydrated and wear protection from the sun. 
Lenny Friedman
USAPA Ambassador Green Valley/Sahuarita

2018 Dues are Due

QCPC dues are $20/year per person. Dues for 2018 are being collected now and are due by January 1, 2018. Write your check to QCPC, and make sure that you indicate whose dues are being paid in the Memo line of your check. Bringing your check to the Member Meeting would be a convenient way to pay. Otherwise, you can drop off your check at Susan Jones's home, 2620 E Arica Way. She has an box on her front door to collect dues.

Mark Renneson is Coming to Quail Creek

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pickleball player, we all have much to learn from experienced, effective pickleball teachers. One of the best pickleball teachers I know and recommend is Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports (www.thirdshot Mark is an excellent player, but more importantly, he is a great teacher because he is a licensed school teacher. As a trained teacher, Mark knows how to reinforce good habits and effectively instruct game improvement techniques. For some examples check out Mark's videos (

Mark Renneson will be in Quail Creek giving lessons November 13, 14, and 15.
Sign up at
Learn more about Mark Renneson here.

Lenny Friedman
USAPA Ambassador Green Valley/Sahuarita

Battle of the Sexes Broadcast 

From Lenny Freidman
USAPA Ambassador Green Valley/Sahuarita

 The broadcast of the Pickleball Battle of the Sexes via Pay-Per-View on October 2 had many technical difficulties.  I apologize to those who came to the Kino Center to watch the special event.  The quality of pickleball play was amazing.  The featured event was Scott Moore (55 years), the #1 ranked senior male, against Simone Jardim (37 years), #1 ranked female pickleball player in a first to win 2 games of singles.  Singles is a played much differently than doubles. 

If you want to view the final game read the information below, sent to me by Mark Hand from Hand in Hand Productions, and follow directions.

"On behalf of Scott Moore, Simone Jardim and myself, we are very sorry for the livesteam problems. All proceeds after costs are going to Feed San Diego or St. Jude's Childrens' Hospital, so we ask for your understanding on the network technical difficulties."

Here is a link to game 3 of the featured match -
The password for access is: bots2017match3

If you are interested in playing full-court pickleball singles, come to the pickleball courts on Mondays at 7:00 am.

Blind Date Tournament Registration Ends 11/6

The Blind Date Tournament will be on November 11-12.  Many of the Open Play courts will be in use for this tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday morning is the Women's Doubles and on Saturday afternoon is the Men's Doubles.  Sunday is Mixed Doubles.  The 4.0 players are playing from 5 PM to 9 PM both evenings.  You can still register until November 6th.  Click here for the registration form and more information.  If you don't register to play, you can still come and cheer for your fellow Quail Creekers.