Saturday, March 10, 2018

QCPC Newsletter Addendum, March 10, 2018

Drills for 2.5 to 3.0 Players

Sessions will focus on purposeful practice through stroke work, steps and strategy.  Courts 5 and 6 will be used and class size limited to 20.  Drills will be on Thursday mornings March 15th.  Sign up here for the March 15th drill.  

Skill of the Week for March 11 to March 18 

Offensive Lobs

The Offensive Lob is a great way to force your opponents to move away from the NVZ line (also known as the kitchen line) during a dinking rally.  Here are some videos on how to make this shot.

Offensive Lobs at the No Volley Zone (Kitchen line)

To run down an Offensive Lob you must use the proper footwork, teamwork, and good communication with your partner.

How to run down a lob

QCPC Medal Winners at Senior Games

The following QCPC members won medals for their age bracket in the Senior Games:

Men’s Doubles
3.5, 65+ Gold- David Mungo and Brian Liekus
3.5, 50+ Silver- Steve Shapiro 

Mixed Doubles
4.5, 50+ Gold- Sharon Kolarik

Women’s Doubles
3.0, 70+ Gold- Susie Eckhardt and Joan Fava
3.0, 50+ Silver- Donna Hoshide and Kathleen Baker
3.0, 50+ Bronze- Vickie Huntington and Sharon Brule
4.5, 50+ Silver- Sharon Kolarik and Mary Hughes

Congratulations to these QCPC Members and thanks to everyone else who volunteered to help.  A special thanks to Merry and David Mungo for serving as organizers for QCPC for the Senior Games.

Quail Creek Pickleball Facility Overview 

With so many new Club members, we thought it is time for a quick review of court use by non-members.

The Pickleball Courts are one of the many facilities at Quail Creek and they are here for use by residents, renters and their house guests.  Any qualified resident or renter can use unreserved courts at any time, this includes “Prime Time”.   Court use for unreserved and unscheduled courts is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If people are waiting to get on a court, players are asked to limit time of doubles matches to 2 hours and singles to 1 hour.

The Pickleball Club manages the court reservation system on behalf of the POA.  The Club sets aside 8 courts for club member Open Play 6 mornings a week from 8 to noon.  Courts 1 – 14 are reserved for Club Round Robin on Wednesday mornings, except for the third Wednesday of the month when they are reserved for the Club Social.  Courts are also reserved by the club to support other Club Supported Activities, including Drills, Lessons and Tournaments.   Court 13 and 14 are designated as having Instructor Priority, when needed.   Courts 1 – 4 can be reserved by Club members and QC residents.  Unless there is a tournament, we try to leave courts 15 and 16 open for drop in play by anyone.  Remember, if courts are not being used for their intended purpose please allow others to use the courts until they are needed for the intended purpose.  

If you a club member and you see people you don’t know at the courts, please introduce yourself and offer help to get them familiar with the pickleball facility and where they can play.  This facility is part of the “resort” they are here to enjoy.  Please make their first impression of our Club a good one by being welcoming and helpful.

HeySt. Jude March QC Pickleball Social

Lots to Shout about at our Beatles theme QCPB Social: an early Hello Goodbye to departing snowbirds, the anticipation of the upcoming Quail Creek Classic/Charity for St. (HeyJude Children's Research Hospital and Instant Karma to all our 2018 tournament players.

Date:               Wednesday, March 21, 2018

:          2:30 pm at the Courts

Play:               3:00 pm to 5:00 pm            

Dinner:          Anytime after 5:00 pm

Location:       Take The Long & Winding Road to our hosts’ Bob & Beth Larose’s Strawberry Fields Home
525 N. Keys Road
(Hosts are providing the main course.)

Dinner will be outside where we will all Come Together, so dress accordingly in case of Marshmallow Clouds or if Good Day Sunshine ends!

Sign-up HERE. You must login to Sign-up Genius first.  Then, be sure to sign up for Play or to Attend but not play AND to bring something.  Click on Sign Up beside the items you wish to sign up for and then click on Submit and Sign Up at the bottom.  If all the slots for bringing something are full, then you get a Bye on bringing something this time (or just bring whatever you like)!