Friday, April 6, 2018

QCPC Newsletter, April 7, 2018

Drills for 3.0 Players

QCPC will have a 3.0 drill clinic on Thursday April 12th from 3 PM to 4:30 PM on courts 5 & 6.  Please click here to sign up.  Limit 8 participants.

Drills for 2.5 to 3.0 Players

The last drills for 2.5 to 3.0 players this season will be on Thursday, April 12th from 10 AM to 12 noon on courts 5 and 6.  Sign up here.  Each person may sign up him/herself plus only one other person.  Sign-ups start on Saturday, April 7 at 11 AM.

Fourth Annual Pickleball Rodeo

The last major QCPC monthly social before our winter visitors go “home” will be a “Pickleball Rodeo” at the Pickleball courts on Wednesday, April 18, from 9:00 to approximately 1:00.  A Pickleball Rodeo is a combination of friendly and fun skills competitions.  This year we will be competing as four-person teams in Serving, Return Serve, 3rd Shot Drop and Dinking contests, followed by the ever-popular and truly unique round robin relay tournament.  All skills levels are welcome.  A social and food sharing event will follow the competition.  Sign-up here to Attend and Play or Attend but Not Play AND to bring something or to help out.  Registration will be closed on April 15 at 5:30 PM.

Round Robin Time Changed

Beginning Wednesday, April 11, the Round Robin will begin at 9 AM with check-in beginning at 8:30 AM.  Separate Round Robins will be held for men and for women.  Note that there will be no Round Robin on Wednesday, April 18, because of the Fourth Annual Pickleball Rodeo, the April QCPC social. Round Robins will resume on April 25 with play starting at 9 AM.

Summer Inter-Community Play Coordinators Needed 

Last summer Green Valley Pickleball Club (GVPC) organized inter-community Round Robin play.  Quail Creek members were invited and feedback from those who participated was positive.  Play occurred 4 nights a week, every other week from 6 - 8 pm.  Each night was a different skill level; for example 4.0+ on Monday, 3.5 on Tuesday, 2.0/2.5 on Wednesday and 3.0 on Thursday.  In addition to QCPC and GVPC, players from Tucson and other Robson communities were invited.  The Round Robins provided a great way to meet and play with different people during the slower, summer months.
As co-host we would organize play four nights a week, alternating weeks with GVPC.  To do this we need QCPC organizers for each skill level.  Steve Shapiro has volunteered to chair a committee that would coordinate with GVPC and organize play here.
This proposal from GVPC was discussed and approved at our last board meeting.  We then asked and received support from our POA to try this out this summer.
If you are willing to help make inter-community play at our home courts a reality this summer, please contact Steve Shapiro at

Slots are Available for 3.0 and 4.0 Ratings

Slots are still available for IPTPA Ratings on Thursday, April 19.  QCPC members have already signed up for ratings at the 3.0 and 4.0 level, but we need 4 in order to have each rating session. Signup here either to join the existing sessions or to add your own session with 4 players. Be sure to note your skill level in the comment box. 

Court Maintenance Issues

If you see things on our courts that need attention (such as dirty courts, too few (or too many) balls in the sleeves, insect issues, non-functioning electrical sockets, etc.), please contact our Court Management Co-Chairs.  They will see that theses issues are referred to the proper people to be addressed.  The Co-Chairs are John Sicardi, 856-281-8385 or; and Dave Thomas, 303-587-7265 or  

Report on Quail Creek Classic Pickleball Tournament 

Lenny Friedman, our USAPA Ambassador, has submitted an article to USAPA Regional Director for publication in the USAPA PIckleball Magazine.  The article can be seen here

No Fee Introductory Pickleball Lesson 

If you have friends or neighbors who might be interested in learning pickleball, please tell them about the following:  Complimentary pickleball lesson for beginners Tuesday, April 10 from 2:00 to 4:00. Discover why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country. Wear court shoes and bring water. Balls and paddles will be available.  

If you would like to help out with this lesson, please contact Lenny Friedman, 541-890-1620 or

Change in QCPC Paddle Lending Policy

QCPC has several paddles that can be borrowed by QCPC members.  In the past, they have been available for several weeks.  The new policy is that QCPC members may still borrow the paddles, but they must be placed back in the locked chest after each use. Please don't take our paddles home. The chest containing the paddles is between Courts 8 and 9.  The combination for the lock is 1461 (address of the ramada). You have to press the lock in to get it to open and to close.

Change in Court Reservation Policy

Courts 13 and 14 are now reservable whenever a QCPC-sponsored activity is not scheduled on them.  They show up in the reservation system as reservable courts.  However, instructors have priority for these courts, so sometimes they will be pre-reserved for lessons.  You can reserve courts by clicking on Court Reservations on the right side of our website.  Reservations are limited to one hour for singles and two hours for doubles.