Saturday, May 12, 2018

QCPC Newsletter, May 12, 2018

Pickleball Referee Training

There will be a pickleball referee training session on May 22nd from 1 to 3pm in the Kino Center Conference Room.  Please also be available to practice refereeing during the round robin on May 23rd at 7:00.  Please click here to register.  The pickleball referee training session will be limited to 12.  Accepting experienced and new referees for this training session.
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The QCPC Wednesday Round Robin start time is changing on May 23rd to 7 am

New Members/Existing Members

QCPC now has 350 members, with more new members signing up each month.  If you are club member, and you see people you don’t know at the courts, please introduce yourself and offer help to get them familiar with the pickleball facility and where they can play.  This facility is part of the “resort” they are here to enjoy.  Please make their first impression of our Club a good one by being welcoming and helpful.

New members: if you are interested in improving your game, please contact Lenny Friedman at

New Players: if you are interested in "assisted play" this will be offered on Thursday May 24th from 8-9 am.  Please click here to sign up.  Limit 8 players.

IPTPAIPTPA Pickle Ball Association

If you are interested in getting your IPTPA rating this summer, all you need is 4 people in your group, and contact Sean Rickard at

Inter-Community Play

Inter-Community Play is taking place on weeknights with play alternating weekly between the Quail Creek and GVR courts.  

Skill-Level Schedule:
      Monday 4.0+
      Wednesday 3.5
      Thursday 3.0
      Saturday 2.5

      May 14 Quail Creek
      May 21 GVR
      May 28 Quail Creek

Guidelines for Inter-Community Play:
  • Please sign up in your correct skill level based on USAPA, IPTPA or Club rating.
  • Players from a lower skill level can show up on a higher level night and if there is a vacancy they may be able to play.
The sign-up for the following weeks' Inter-community play begins at 7 AM Sunday on the GVR website.  Click here to be taken to the GVR website. The link to sign-up is also on the QCPC website ( on the right under QC Club Resources.

Net Height Checkers

The old net height checkers were rotted out from exposure. 
New experimental net height checkers are now located just outside the gate of each pair of courts. Some are copper, others are galvanized pipe, and one is heavy duty PVC.All are cut to the regulation 34". At the end of the summer a decision will be made as to which material holds up the best.

More Pickleball Courts Coming to Green Valley

Some members have asked about the status of more courts in Green Valley.  This excerpt was taken from the Green Valley Newspaper published April 18, 2018.

"Green Valley Recreation’s choice for a Pickleball Center received a thumbs-up from Pima County.  A conditional use permit for the 10.8 acre site was granted.  GVR plans to use the land for 24 courts and hopes to break ground around Labor Day.  This site is not permitted for night-time lighting."  The site is on Camino de la Canoa, off Whitehouse Canyon Road.