Saturday, July 21, 2018

QCPC Newsletter, July 21, 2018

Lost Paddle

Georgine Thomas left her paddle at the PB courts on Friday, July 13.  When she checked back a few hours later, it was not there.  The missing paddle is a white Engage Encore Pro with a red design.  If you took that paddle with you either by mistake or for safekeeping, please contact Georgine, 303-946-9167, or

Lost and Found

We have had some problems with the disappearance of items left at the pickleball courts. Please look around before you leave and make sure that you have all of your belongings.  If you are the last to leave in the morning or evening and see something left at the courts, please either put it in the chest in the ramada, take it to the Concierge Desk in the Clubhouse, or, if it is valuable, take it home with you.  If you take it to the Concierge or take it home, contact Ruth Maki, 520-232-3117 or so we can announce it in the next newsletter.  If you've lost something and nothing has been announced concerning it, check the chest in the ramada first, and if it's not there, check with the Concierge Desk in the Clubhouse.  If you see anyone unknown picking up things at the courts, please contact Patrol.

Wednesday Round Robin Continues Through Mid-August

The Wednesday Round Robin will continue through July and on August 1 and 8.  If you wish to play, please sign-up by 6:50 AM and be ready to play at 7 AM.  Plan to play all 6 games.  

Inter-Community Play Continues

Inter-Community play continues throughout the summer from 6 PM to 9 PM, alternating between Quail Creek and GVR.  Below is the schedule.

Skill-Level Schedule:
      Monday 4.0+
      Wednesday 3.5
      Thursday 3.0
      Saturday 2.5

 Location Schedule:
     July 23 Quail Creek (Sign up begins 7/15)
     July 30 GVR (Sign up begins 7/22)
     August 6 Quail Creek (Sign up begins 7/29)
     August 13 GVR (Sign up begins 8/5)
     August 20 Quail Creek (Sign up begins 8/12)

The sign-up for the following weeks' Inter-community play begins at 9 AM Sunday on the GVR website.  Click here to be taken to the GVR website.