Saturday, August 11, 2018

QCPC Newsletter, August 11, 2018

QCPC Board Meeting 

The next meeting of the QCPC Board will be on Monday, August 13, at 12 noon in the Conference Room of the Kino Center.  All QCPC members are invited to attend.  If there is something you would like added to the agenda, please contact President Jean Bustard, 303-921-813 or

Drop Shot Drills with Ball Machine

If you want to practice your drop shot here is your chance. Three 1-hour sessions working on only drop shots with the ball machine are offered this Monday morning August 13, 9-10 am, 10-11 am, 11 am - noon.  Sessions are limited to 2 people each and the pair should be of similar skill level.  Sign up here.

Drills Friday August 17 @ 7:30 am

Summer drill session Friday morning from 7:30 to 8:45 am.  All levels welcome, except beginners.  Session open to 24 participants.  Signup here.

Watch how Simone Jardim dinks in a replay of mixed doubles from the 2018 US Open.  She is low and takes as many balls out of the air as she can.  Click here. 

Beginner Pickleball Lesson 

If you have friends who are interested in learning to play pickleball, please tell them about a complimentary Pickleball lesson for beginners on Sunday, August 12 from 6 to 8 PM, monsoons permitting.  They should wear court shoes and bring water.  For questions contact Lenny Friedman,  

Inter-Community Play Party

In the spirit of QCPC, with the Inter-Community play wrapping up at the end of August, you guessed it...time for a party, Saturday, August 25th.  No sign-up, just come on down and have fun!!!  Click here for more information.

Saddlebrook Ranch/Quail Creek Invitational

Leave October 25 open for our annual Saddlebrooke Ranch/Quail Creel Invitational that will be held at the Quail Creek Pickleball club this year. Last year QCPC won the Round Robin Competition by 1 point.  This will involve Mens' Doubles/Womens' Doubles in the morning, and Mixed Doubles in the afternoon.  This will be open for all levels of play.

Evening Play Returns to Monday/Thursday

Beginning on September 3rd, Open Play in the evening (lighted courts 9-12) will be changing back to Monday & Thursday 6-9 pm.  This is available for all QCPC members, all skill levels.  QCPC would like to thank this group for accommodating the Inter-Community group during the summer.

Wednesday Round Robins Continue Through August

QCPC Round Robins will continue on Wednesday mornings through the end of August.  Check-in between 6:30 and 6:50 AM and be ready to play at 7:00 AM.