Saturday, September 1, 2018

QCPC Newsletter, September 1, 2018

Wednesday Round Robins Continue in September

QCPC Round Robins will continue at 7 AM through the end of September, thanks to Dick Jones who has volunteered to run these fun events. Sign in between 6:30 and 6:50 AM and be ready to play at 7 AM.  If you sign-in, you should plan to play all 6 games.  It takes about 2 hours.  If someone leaves before the Round Robin is completed, other players may not be able to play their 6 games.  If you have a Bye during one of the games, note that you will be scheduled to play your 6th game at the end, so stay around for that game (or get someone else to sub for you).  One point of the Round Robin is that everyone gets to play 6 games with different partners and opponents.  If players leave early, it doesn't work.

Evening Play Returns to Monday/Thursday

Beginning on September 3rd, Open Play in the evening (lighted courts 9-12) will be changing back to Monday & Thursday 6-9 pm.  This is available for all QCPC members, all skill levels.  QCPC would like to thank this group for accommodating the Inter-Community group during the summer.

Tip of the Week 

Watch this video to learn about three common volley mistakes.  Click here.

Rule of the Week 

Kitchen Faults Part 1: You may not volley the ball out of the air while contacting kitchen area.

USAPA Rule Book
Section 9 - Non-Volley Zone Rules (Kitchen Rules)
Section 9.1.  A fault will be declared if, in the act of volleying the ball, a player or anything contacting the player touches the non-volley zone. Click here for a video showing three myths about the kitchen (non-volley zone).