Saturday, December 22, 2018

QCPC Newsletter, December 22, 2018

Holiday Drills and Round Robins

Here is the schedule for the various Club-sanctioned events for the next two weeks:

Drills- There will be no drills until the week of January 7th.  The instructors and their assistants are taking a few well-deserved weeks off.  Thanks to everyone who has helped with drills during these last 2 months.

Round Robins
If you sign up for any of the following Round Robins,  plan to play all 6 games and the bye game if you have a bye.  If you leave early, it disrupts the games for all players in the RR.  If you can't play 6-7 games, please don't sign up.

QCPC Wednesday Round Robin

This will occur every Wednesday through the holidays- December 26, and January 2- and then throughout January.  Check-in is from 8:15-8:50, with play starting at 9:00 AM.  You don't need to sign up in advance for this event, but you do need to sign-in by 8:50 in order to play. 

Organized Play Mixed Round Robins- Sign up on the right side of the website one week before the Round Robin.  

2.5-3.0 Mixed Round Robins will not occur on December 25 or January 1.  They will resume on January 8.

3.0-3.5 Mixed Round Robins will occur on December 28, and continue on Fridays in January.  

3.5-4.0 Mixed Round Robins will occur on December 27, and continue on Thursdays in January.

Skill-Level Round Robins- Sign up on the right side of the website one week before the Round Robin. 

2.0 Skill-Level, Mixed Round Robin- This will continue uninterrupted through the holidays, December 27, and January 3, and continue through January.

3.0/3.5 Skill-Level Woman's Round Robin- This will not occur on December 24, but will resume on December 31, and continue through January.

4.0+ Skill-Level Round Robin- This will not occur on December 25, but it will resume on January 1.

Learn To Play Smart Pickleball

This Class is for advanced beginners (2.5), intermediate (3.0) and advanced (3.5) players who are able to serve, return, and be able to produce a short rally at the NVZ.
This is a three day course which will be on Friday, January 4, 18, 25 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  You need only sign up once for the 3 week class.
Friday, January 4: We cover choosing the right shot at the right time in order to play smart.  You will learn and drill how to execute these shots.  This day’s activities will be performed at the NVZ.
Friday, January 18: You will learn how to play as a team and court position.
Friday, January 25:  You will learn the strategies of the first three shots of a rally and how to execute them.  You will also learn how to read your opponents and what their court position tells you. You will incorporate everything that you have learned throughout the course.
Maximum class size is 16.  Minimum class size is 4.
Cost for the 3 week class is $60.00
The Smart Pickleball coaching team assist you in advancing your game to the next level in a safe and fun environment.  There will be at least 1 coach per 4 students in order to give you the most instruction per time allotment.
Signup here.

IPTPA Rating Sessions - Wednesday January 23

The next IPTPA rating sessions will be on Wednesday January 23.  Tests are based on the skills needed to be a well rounded pickleball player.  IPTPA has put together a great program to help players learn, improve and advance.  Ratings will be administered by local Certified Rating Specialist, Sean Rickard.

Each session requires 4 people going for the same skill level.  Please indicate the skill level for testing in the comment section or sign up in a session with someone who already noted the skill level you are interested in. 

If you have questions, contact Jean Bustard at

Practice sessions will be held in January.  Signup here.  

Pickleball Rules form Your Local Ambassador

If you have any questions at to what constitutes a legal pickleball serve check out this video  from Third Shot Sports.
Lenny Friedman
USAPA Ambassador Sahuarita/Green Valley, AZ

           Mark Renneson Pickleball Clinics at Quail Creek

Mark Renneson, founder of Third Shot Sports and Pickleball Coaches International, will be offering pickleball clinics in Quail Creek March 20 and 21. You can register at this site.  

Mark is an experienced and knowledgeable pickleball teacher who, as an educated school teacher, offers well planned and organized lessons, communicates information to help improve all levels of pickleball players, and makes learning fun.  Mark has taught in Quail Creek the past two years and has had great reviews. In Lenny's estimation, Mark's pickleball videos are the best available.  Check them out here.  

Professional Pickleball Instructor Helle Sparre Coming to Quail Creek 

Helle Sparre will be at Quail Creek on Saturday and Sunday, January 19 and 20.  

Helle had an outstanding career as a professional tennis player, including playing in all four major Grand Slams, and was a certified elite tennis instructor for over 30 years.  She is one of the premier pickleball instructors in the country and author of the book Dynamite Doubles.  She now resides in Mesa AZ.

To signup for one of Helle’s lessons, click here

In addition, QCPC will host a Doubles Strategy Seminar with Helle on Saturday January 19 from 2:30 to 4:30 at the Ramada and Court 1.  This Seminar is open to all QCPC members at no cost.