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QCPC Newsletter 19 January 2019

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Player Development
Assisted Play
Drills Schedule
Wednesday Round Robin Change
Information on Scheduled Play
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Scott Moore Clinics February 27

Top-ranked senior men’s player Scott Moore will offer clinics for 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+ skill level players on Wednesday February 27.  Scott travels the world teaching and hosting popular, destination, pickleball vacations.  He medaled in men’s doubles, mixed doubles and singles at USAPA Nationals.  He returns to Quail Creek for a second year.  

3.0 Skill Level 2-hour Clinic, cost $70/person: sign up HERE
3.5 Skill Level 2-hour Clinic, cost $70/person: sign up HERE  

4.0+ Skill Level 3-hour Clinic, cost $90/person: HERE 

Scott will also host an intensive 2-day boot camp for 3.5 - 4.5 skill levels on February 25 and 26.  In this 12 hour session, students will receive 8 hours of instruction and 4 hours of instructional play.  Cost is $299/person.  Signup will be advertised soon.

Sean Rickard and Joey Farias Clinics February 14

Top-ranked men’s player Joey Farias and our local, Green Valley firefighter Sean Rickard team-up to bring their high energy, fun, super informative clinics here on February 14.  Sean just won two gold medals at SW Regionals this past weekend and punched his ticket to USAPA Nationals next year.  They share their experience on the pro circuit as they teach how to improve your skills.  Spots still left at skill levels 3.5 and 4.0+.   Cost is $40/person.

Signup HERE for 3.5 clinics 
Signup Here for 4.0 clinic


Assisted Play is for Beginners who have taken a lesson or have some playing experience.  Beginners play while an experienced player watches and gives pointers. 
Assisted Play on courts 1-4 are through the end of February and scheduled for  
                                               Tuesdays from 1:00pm-3:00pm
Thursdays from 11:00am-1:00pm 
You must sign up to participate; the limit is 16 players.
You may only sign-up for one session per week. 
Sign-up begins Saturday, January 19th.  
Sign-up HERE for Tuesday 22 January 
Sign-up HERE for Thursday 24 January 


Your 2019 dues were due on January 1, 2019

If you haven't yet paid dues, you may still pay by dropping off a check at the home of our Membership Chair, Susan Jones, 2620 Arica Way. There is a box by her front door for dues. Dues are $25.00 a year. Make your check payable to QCPC, making sure you put 2019 on the check. The bank will not take the check without the correct year. 

After January 31, we will eliminate the names of non-paid individuals from our Membership list. You will no longer receive newsletters and you will no longer be able to participate in Club activities, including open play on Monday through Saturday mornings. So, if you wish to remain a QCPC member, please pay your dues as soon as possible.

Download membership form here.


2.0 Drills   Monday, January 21st 1PM to 3PM QCPC
             ***CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP***
2.5 Drills   Thursday, January 24th  from 11 - 12:30  at QCPC. 
             ***CLICK  HERE TO SIGN UP***
3.0 Drills   Wednesday, January 23rd, 3PM to 4:15 at QCPC. 
             ***CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP***
3.5 Drills   Thursday, January 24th, 3PM To 4:30 at QCPC 
             ***CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP***



(Does Not Include the Wednesday Social Round Robin)

Sign Up  8:15 to 8:50 AM (Closes promptly at 8:50 or when slots are full)

                                           COME EARLY TO SIGN IN!

                                          SEE YOU ON THE COURTS


Each week QCPC offers many Scheduled Play opportunities for Club Members of all skill levels.  The specific times and courts for these activities may change, so check the QCPC website ( periodically.   

There are three types of Scheduled Play:

  1. Open Play--drop-in play Monday through Saturday mornings year-round on the upper courts (currently 8-11 a.m.).  Times may change according to the season.  No sign-ups are needed.

  1. Skill-Level Play--weekly round-robin play according to skill level.  Players must sign-up on Sign-up Genius (links on right side of the QCPC website).  Players must meet the Club’s Guidelines for Skill-Level Play:
    • Participants in 3.0 and higher QCPC Skill-Level Round Robins must:
      • have the appropriate play-based skill rating from the USAPA or IPTPA, or
      • have participated in a pickleball tournament published on with results showing competitive play at the appropriate skill-level.
    • Participants in 2.5 QCPC Skill-Level Round Robins must:
      • have a play-based 2.5 skill rating from the USAPA or IPTPA or have participated in QCPC player development activities at the 2.5 level, and
      • not yet successfully advanced to 3.0 QCPC player development activities, a 3.0 rating from the USAPA or IPTPA, or competitive tournament play at the 3.0 level. 
    • Participants in beginner/novice (1.5-2.0) QCPC Skill-Level Round Robins must:
      • have taken the QCPC Pickleball Orientation class and played in QCPC assisted play, or an equivalent class, and 
      • not yet successfully advanced to 2.5 QCPC player development activities, a 2.5 rating from the USAPA or IPTPA, or competitive tournament play at the 2.5 level.
Presently, there are three Skill-Level Round Robins: Mixed 2.0, Women’s 3.0-3.5, and Mixed 4.0+.

  1. Organized Play--weekly round-robin play according to skill level (however no rating or tournament experience is required).  Players must sign-up on Sign-up Genius (links on right side of the QCPC website).  Presently, there are three Organized Play Round Robins: Mixed 2.5-3.0, Mixed 3.0-3.5, and Mixed 3.5-4.0. These are played with mixed skill levels to provide opportunities to “play up.”  Club members should fairly self-rate their skill level in order to sign up for the appropriate round robin.

Any Club member or group of members may request approval for additional Scheduled Play.  A link to the “Application for Skill-Level Round Robin” is located on the right side of the QCPC website.  Other requests do not have a specific form, but should be explained in the text of an email.  All requests for additional Scheduled Play should be sent to Dave Mungo (QCPC VP) at