Saturday, May 25, 2019

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InterCommunity Round Robin
Smart Pickleball By Coach Kathy Palese
QCPC Womens Skill Level 3.0/3.5 RR
QCPC Skill Level 4.5 RR
QC Classic Tournament article in USAPA Magazine
Which Kind of Player are You?

Quail Creek - GVR
InterCommunity Round Robin
Open Invitation 

6pm to 9pm Under Lights (alternating GVR and QCPC) Commencing at Green Valley May 28th

Every Week June/July/Aug (no weekly commitment)
Tuesday 4.0
Weds 3.5
Friday 3.0
Saturday 2.5
To sign up, use the link on the on the side bar of our website.  Signups start on Sundays at 9 am

Maximum Sign up per Group 18 Players & 2 Reserve Places
Sign up at your correct playing level: USAPA, IPTPA accepted, or if a player does not have a rating, but consistently plays in tournaments at the level they signed up.   2.5 Players to have completed an introduction teaching course.

A $5.00 Per Player donation for balls will be collected at Courts.
GVR @ 7 S Abrego Dr

From Kathy Palese:
I have started a public facebook group called Smart Pickleball by Coach Kathy Palese.

So many times I have had Quail Creek players and Green Valley players who are seasonal ask me if I would come and teach in their town or if there was a way to get my coaching while they are away and I think this just might be a way to do that.  Each week I will post a lesson for them to work on and give them tips on how to accomplish the lesson.  

Womens Skill Level RR

The QCPC Womens 3.0/3.5 Skill Level RR will be stopping for the summer.  The last RR will be on Monday May 27th at 8am

New Skill Level RR for 4.5+ level players 

Starting June 1st, many club members will notice a new RR for 4.5+ players.  The RR will be held on Saturdays at 9am and use 2 courts.  The Club tries to provide appropriate playing opportunities for its members.  We successfully provide Club round robins for skill-levels below 4.0.    In contrast, there are no Club-sponsored round robins (nor any Player Development activities) for 4.5 and 5.0 level Club members.  That’s because we have only one 5.0 woman and one 4.5 man (who is seasonal) in our Club.  These players can’t even fill one court with similarly-skilled Club members.  Because of our rules of a 4:1 ratio, the Board has approved an exception to this rule for this 4.5+ Skill Level RR. The ratio for this exception is 9:1 to allow this RR to fill two courts.

Our highest-skill Club members benefit the Club greatly by generously volunteering for our Player Development activities.  The  Club should strive to “grow” the number of 4.5 and 5.0 Club players and ought to support playing opportunities for them.  Instead, the existing policy weighs very heavily on these players.  This exception would provide needed relief and serve the Club’s interests.

An article about the Quail Creek Classic Pickleball Tournament was just published in the USAPA National Magazine "Pickleball".  Click the link below to read the article.
USAPA Article

Which Player are You?

A great article on the philosophy of "playing up"
USAPA Article