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Pickleball Open Play 

article by Sarah Ansboury, 

USAPA National Tournament 

Gold Medal winner in Women’s Doubles/clinic instructor

Sometimes I will go to places and it’s not always easy to jump into open play. At times someone will invite me to play, but will intentionally exclude the person I am with.  I don’t like that.
I understand that we all want good practice and we want to keep it challenging.   I realize that people feel that they will improve more if they “play up”.  In fact, I play better when I play up.  However, I believe you can do both…practice and play.
When I am at open or recreational play I am all about having fun and playing multiple players and I don’t really care what level I am playing with or against.  When I play a lower level player I want to give them the experience of playing with someone more consistent so they can play some longer points than they are used to.   I don’t intentionally smash a high ball at them to intimidate them.  Likewise, if the two players are of different skill levels, I try to mix it up.  I don’t avoid the stronger player and pick on the weaker player.  Nor do I exclude the less experienced player.  This isn’t a competition.  We aren’t playing for a title or money…this is supposed to be FUN!  I want them to see a stronger player reaching out to other levels that need more experience so that when a new person comes in they will welcome them into the group.
Open Play vs. Competitive Practice
When I want competitive practice, I set up a time outside of open or recreational play. It is usually a group of 4-6 and is about playing back to back and maybe playing with a certain partner.   We will intentionally look for courts that aren’t in use or a time when the courts are not used for open play.
From time to time, someone might wander by and want to join.  I explain we are practicing but they can join us for a game or two.  I’m lucky because the players I typically practice with are very welcoming of new players.  However, occasionally, a player may groan a little or give me the evil eye.  But, I remember that I was once that player that players groaned at, and I remember exactly how it felt.  I felt disrespected when a player would not play very well on purpose or would be focused on a game in a nearby court that they found more interesting. (I also remember how good it felt when I was able to surprise them with my ability.)
My goal whenever I go to open or recreational play is to have fun and to help the people I am playing with to have fun too.  I am going to give the person in front of me the respect that everyone deserves.  We all love this game.  We all want it to grow.  Let’s go have some fun!
We, at Quail Creek, have numerous courts designated for open play Monday – Saturday.
You don’t need to gather a group of friends to go play;  show up by yourself and get in on a game. Unfortunately, our “open play” numbers have declined and the courts are not being fully utilized. 
Competitive play on reserved courts has become more popular. The question is, can we not have both?  We are a retirement community where people move to make new friends, be active, and have fun.  Come down, meet your neighbors and have a great time on open play days. If you prefer cooler temps, there is open play Monday and Thursday evenings.  Your options are numerous and we hope to see you there.

Maintenance Update
The QC POA has hired on a Maintenance Manager that supervises the maintenance of all POA properties (including the pickleball courts).  After meeting with her, we have the following updates to report.
  • Ice/Water Machine: 
    •  The filter will be replaced on a regular basis with the Maintenance Department
    • GV Plumbing came out and insulated the pipes to the machine
    • GV Water has come out to make sure that the machine was getting the proper water pressure
    • The machine is under warranty and a service call has been put in to fix the machine
  • Court Cleaning will occur on a regular basis (4 courts/week) on Thursday morning.  All work should be completed by 7:30.  Times will vary through the year
  • Bathroom flooring/painting/grout issues will be put into the budget to be fixed/upgraded next year
  • AAA will  take care of the weeds/ball retrieval on a regular basis
  • A pest control company will be out to service the courts
  • Garbage pick-up will be on a regular basis
  • Bathroom service/cleaning:  currently there is no service company that takes care of the pickleball bathrooms.  There is a contract out for bids.  Until the contract is signed, the POA Maintenance Dept will take care of cleaning the bathrooms on a regular basis.

Community Play

QCPC has updated the Primetime play on Sunday mornings. 

 What used to be called Open Play on Sundays during Primetime 
 had the limit of only QCPC members
 with no guests.
 The Sunday morning time is now defined as Community Play. 
  Community Play is
 open to all Quail Creek residents
 and their guests
 on Sunday mornings during Prime Time
 (as defined by the QCPC Policy and Procedures).

  All players must rotate into games.  
Non-resident guests
 are limited to a maximum of four per QC resident host
 at all times during Community Play.

QCPC Ambassadors

Quail Creek Pickleball Club is going to start an Ambassador program for new members. 
 We would like to form a small committee of 3-5 existing members. 
The ambassadors would greet new members and
help explain all that the  Pickleball Club has to offer.  
 This program will help the new member better navigate their way onto our courts.  
If you like working with people through encouragement and patience,
 we know this is a good place for you.

If you are interested in participating, 
please email Steve Shapiro at


 May 15th


We will have a round-robin from 8 to about 10 AM
followed by a brunch with good food
 and a few prizes!

Sign up on Sign-Up Genius
to play, attend but not play,
AND to bring something or help out.