Saturday, July 27, 2019

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On July 17th the QCPC met with 3 members of the POA Board. 
This was an informational meeting where the QCPC presented our proposal
(previously published in this newsletter) on tournament fees, parking issues, and guest user fees.

The POA Board members were Jack Sarsam (President),  Andrea Marchus (Robson Community Mgt System Specialist) and Jeff Krueger (resident Board Member).  
The POA members wanted a more in-depth discussion on the three items mentioned above.
The POA Board will then discuss and finalize their positions followed by a presentation to the Community at a future POA Board meeting.  

The first item discussed was:

The POA Board no longer wants parking along QC Crossing for tournaments.  
It was decided that tournaments will use the parking lot at the CATC/Clubhouse. 
It will be the responsibility of the Tournament Director to get shuttle service from there to the courts using volunteers.  The TD may also rent 6 passenger carts from QC if they desire.

The next item discussed:

was the Tournament Fees.  
The big decision by the POA Board is that the QCPC will have no authority in administering/deciding of pickleball tournaments. 
The POA will have someone in administration handle the scheduling/fees/contracts.  
This was decided because the POA wants a formal contract signed, along with the entity putting on the tournament to provide liability insurance.  
The POA may purchase the insurance (better rates), but the Tournament entity would have to reimburse them. 
The contract will also have a section on Porta-Potties that would be a necessary, food purchases from QC, along with other items.  
The POA will ask for input from the QCPC concerning Tournaments, but the actual decision will be out of our hands.

A decision will be made by the POA on the fee structure. 
Originally the POA wanted a per court fee, but they will also be looking at a per-player fee whereby everyone participating will pay the fee (residents/non-residents). 
The reason is they are treating all existing and future tournaments as outside entities,
unless sponsored by and for the benefit of QCPC. 
All fees collected will go directly to the POA to cover usage costs. 
This was determined since the QCPC doesn't cost share in court resurfacing and nets.
As said above, it will be the responsibility of the Tournament Director to find volunteers. 
They still can ask the QCPC for volunteers, but it is not the QCPC responsibility to provide them for a tournament.
QCPC may put on a fundraising tournament with no charge by the POA for court usage or player fee.  
These funds will go directly to the QCPC account and be used for court improvements (cost-sharing)
The POA would limit outside tournaments to one per 4-6 weeks for up to 3 days.
By having this done centrally if other entities approach QCPC about having tournaments, 
we can refer them to our POA.  
It was brought up that right now, there is no formal determination as to which groups are to be supported (not everyone in the Community may want to support specific groups).

The last item discussed:

was Guest Usage Fees: 
They liked the idea but are tabling it for now until the POA can determine how this would be implemented.
 Robson is having this same concern at all of their properties and they don't want residents policing the issue.
They did bring up the issue that as the Club grows in size,
then we will have more members playing at the 3.0/3.5/4.0 levels so we won't need outside guests as much.
If you have any concerns on the implementation of the POA suggestions, 
be sure to get in touch with the POA, 
or attend the next Board meeting on September 16th.

Get CPR and AED Certified

ASHI CPR and AED are designed specifically for laypeople. This extremely
flexible program will help prepare you to respond to a cardiac
arrest and choking. This program conforms to the 2015 AHA Guidelines
Update for CPR and AED.
Instructor: Lois Moncel, Director of Fitness & Wellness,
Robson Ranch, Eloy, AZ.

Course highlights

Designed for individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional
rescuers but desire or are required to be certified in CPR and the use of an AED

• 2-year certification – Wallet certification cards will be given upon completion.

• 2 ½ hour class includes plenty of time for skills practice

When?   Monday, September 16, 2019
Time?   9:00 AM or 1:00 PM
Details?   Sign up is required as there is a minimum of 5 and
maximum of 10 people per class. Register at Anza Athletic Club
Front Desk beginning August 19TH. Cost is $20 and paid at the time of
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For Questions contact Cheri Sipe, Anza Athletic Club



Selkirk and Pickleball

 will be featured 

on the Today Show Monday 7/29 !

Tune in to see 
National Singles Champion and Selkirk Pro 
Tyson McGuffin
 featured on the Today Show this Monday! 

The Today Show Segment will be from 7AM-11AM, 
but Pickleball will be featured
 at 8:30AM in our timezone.

There will be a demonstration and live Q&A with Tyson
 and other special guests discussing the amazing growth of Pickleball.
 Mark your calendars - you won't want to miss it!