Saturday, October 5, 2019

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Quail Creek/Saddlebrooke Ranch Invitational
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Dee Davidson Pickleball Clinics
Parkinsons and Pickleball
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***Linda Kelly***

Quail Creek/Saddlebrooke Ranch Invitational

Tuesday, October 29th, 9am

This is a fun tournament for levels 2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0

Sign up begins now by clicking the underlined links below
 and then clicking on the button Register Now.

Registration is Required.  
There are two registrations needed if you are playing in MXD and either MD/WD. 

 Both partners need to register.  
One partner registers, lists meals if wanted, and lists their partner.
  Their partner does the same.

Tuesday October 29, 2019:
9:00AM Men's & Women's Doubles

Tuesday October 29, 2019:
1:00PM Mixed Doubles

(Please note there is a separate registration for Mixed Doubles)

Registration from all teams will be taken.  Based on the number of teams confirmed by Saddlebrooke Ranch we may need to add teams to any skill level or reduce teams from any skill level to match the number of Quail Creek teams.  We will not have any bracket where QC members play other QC Members teams.

The sooner you register will give you and your partner
 a better chance to be placed in the final skill level bracket.

**Please ensure that your partner for this event registers as well**


check only payable to SBRPA 
dropped off at home of Steve Shapiro
2325 E. Page Mill Dr. 

$8/ Meal
Sandwich choices: 
Ham and Swiss, lettuce and tomato on rye
Turkey and Provolone, lettuce, and tomato on multigrain
Roast Beef and Cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on white 

Comes with chips and drink.


Linda Al-Saigel

 has donated money
for purchase of squeegeez
for our courts!


Ghouls' Just Want to Have Fun 

October SOCIAL 

October 30th - 4 to 6 ish!

Pickleball Clinics with Dee Davison

Dee Davison is a nationally-recognized 5.0 tournament-level player.  She specializes in individual and group technical coaching.  Her goal is to take your game to the next level. Clinics are offered Saturday afternoon October 26 and Sunday morning October 27.

Build a Solid Foundation to Each Shot - Pickleball Mechanics with Strategy!

  • Pickleball Ready Position - Vertical & Horizontal
  • Grip, shoulder & Quad - Relax All to Stay Moving
  • Footwork - Understanding Gate and Movement thru Shots
  • Shot Selection - When to Drive, Drop & Dink
  • Develop Control and Improve Placement (change of pace and host to add spin)
  • Proper Court Positioning - Lane or Angle
  • Court Strategy - Avoid being the Crazy HOV Lane Player
  • Techniques to Advance as a Team
  • Communication - Verbal & Non-Verbal Forms of Communication
  • Moving with your Partner on the Court - Controlling the Court as a Team
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS INCLUDING BEGINNERS (please sign up with people of similar skill levels)
  • Cost - Group of 4, 2 hours, $50/person
I met Dee in an IPTPA certification class, she was one of the instructors teaching the instructors.  She is engaging, an excellent teacher, and a great person.

Gather 4 friends (4 total) and reserve your spot by contacting Jean Bustard at

Andy Leighton is beating Parkinson's
 with Pickleball

 Read about him here.


  • All QCPC members are invited
  • Free referee training session
  • USAPA certified referee, Charlotte Jorgenson
  • October 24 from 8:00-11:00 for classroom training
  • On-court practical training at the GVR, East Center, Green Valley

This clinic will teach you not only how you can possibly win a couple of 'free' points in a match by knowing the rules, but it will help you feel confident in refereeing matches for fun and sometimes payVideos are used to supplement the instructor provided material.
It is recommended that you read the pickleball rules book, referee handbook, and if you are a USAPA member, you can take 3 highly informational tests. All this information is available at
Questions, e-mail Charlotte at

 3.5 drills 

Starting Oct. 10th

3 PM to 4:30 PM
signup HERE

Open Play Round Robin

During this summer the QCPC tried a new format in place of Open Play.   We call it Open Play Round Robin. It stops the worry from Members to try to figure out if anyone else will be down there, and what time the game will start.   This is a 6 game Round Robin open to all levels.  This is offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  You show up 15 minutes prior to the start (8 am through November) and put your name down.  Someone from the group puts up the RR sheets and play begins at 8 am.  The best part is that if you show up late, you just sign in , and the leader just changes the RR sheet to accommodate the number of players.   The difference between this and Wednesday Round Robin, is that Round Robin starts promptly at 8 am with the signup at 7:45.  Usually if you show up late you can't get into the RR.  Give it a's lots of fun