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Thank you Susan Jones
Drills How to Know Which One
Time and Dates for Drills
Helle Sparre Returns
National Players from QC
IPTPA Ratings Achieved
Next IPTPA Rating Clinic
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The QCPC and its Board would like to thank
 Susan Jones
 for being our Membership Chairperson. 
 Susan has decided to step down from this position
 due to her travel plans.  
If you see Susan on the courts,
 be sure to thank her for all her valuable work.  

Therefore, we are looking for someone to take on this position. 
 Susan has volunteered to stay on through February 2020 to help the new Membership Chairperson to navigate through the membership process. 
  This is a Board appointed position, 
and you become a voting member of the QCPC Board.
If you are interested, please contact Steve





QCPC Player Development offers drill classes for skill levels 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5. 
 The goal of a drill session is to help improve a person’s skills to advance to the next skill level.
  For example, 3.0 drills are for 3.0 players who want to advance to 3.5. 
  Similarly, 3.5 drills are for 3.5 players who want to advance to 4.0.  
How do I know which session to attend?

2.0 – Has completed beginner lesson either here or somewhere else.  This class teaches the basic skills and is what one would learn in an advanced beginner class.  Participants must have completed a beginner class before attending.

2.5 – Has a 2.5 rating or participated in 2.0 drills and was recommended to advance to 2.5.  Can also join 2.5 drills with several months of playing with advanced beginners here or at other clubs.  Instructor expects all students to know how to dink, drop, serve deep, return deep, volley and lob.  If player is not familiar with these skills, they will be asked to attend 2.0 to receive training that will form good technique for the foundation of their game.

3.0 – Has a 3.0 rating (USAPA, IPTPA or other club rating) or has attended 2.5 drills and has been recommended to advance to 3.0.  Can also join 3.0 drills if player has played in a 3.0 tournament.  Instructor expects all students to be able to dink in a sustained rally, drop from transition and baseline, serve & return deep, execute punch volley, offensive lob and overhead smash.  It is also important to be able to move on the court in a balanced and safe manor.  If a player is not able to learn the skills during a session, they will be asked to attend 2.5 to improve their skills.
3.5 – Has 3.5 rating (USAPA, IPTPA) or has attended 3.0 drills and has been recommended to advance to 3.5.

4.0 – Has either USAPA or IPTPA 4.0 or higher rating.
As skill level increases the requirements to attend become less flexible and rely more on nationally recognized ratings.  

We do not want our coaches in the position of recommending skill level based on observing a person’s play.  However, our coaches have agreed on an objective scenario to advance players to the next level drill session.  A coach can recommend advancement by observing competency of skills in a drill session.  For example, a coach can objectively determine if a player is executing all or most of the skills at a high level with proper technique.  The coach can then confirm their observations with other coaches at the session.  Note that this is not a recommendation of a person’s level of play, it is an observation of how well a person performs drills.Is there a perfect system?  Maybe, and we will  continue to look and tweak.  Thanks to those of you who have provided feedback and suggestions.

2.0 Link
with Kathy Vollink
Monday 11 November
1 -3 PM
Sign up HERE
Monday 18th November
1 - 3PM
Sign up HERE

2.5 Drills
with Judy Lyle
Thursday, Nov. 14th
11:00 - 12:30 
Sign up HERE

3.0 Drills
Sharon Kolarik
Wednesday Nov. 13th
3 - 4:30 PM
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3.5 Drills
With Bill Vollink
Thursday Nov. 14th 
3 - 4:30 PM
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Assisted Play
with John Lehman
Sunday, Nov. 17
3 - 4:30 PM
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Sunday, Nov 24
3 - 4:30 PM
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November 16 and 17
Fresh off her silver medal at USAPA Nationals,
 Find out why Helle Sparre is arguably
 the most sought after pickleball instructor in the nation.
  She was a professional tennis player.
 Played in all four majors 
(Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, and French Open),
 Has written the book on playing tennis doubles (now rewriting for pickleball doubles)
 Was a professional tennis instructor with highest honors.
  The best pickleball players in the nation go to her
 yet she treats EVERY player as if you are the most important student she has. 
 Her goal is to help each student achieve their potential.
Sign up for one of her lessons as a group of 4 or 8.  
Cost is $100 per hour;
 $200 for 2-hour lesson ($50 each for group of 4, $25 each for group of 8).
A group lesson on Sunday November 17 at 10:30 is still available. 
 ***Sign Up HERE*** 
If all Lessons fill, we can add a group or individual lesson on Sunday afternoon

The 2019 USAPA National Championships
 were held over the last week in Indian Wells, CA.  
A total of 2,330 players registered for events. 
 QCPC was represented by the following players.
  This is a huge accomplishment to compete at this level.
GB Sneed Gold Medal 3.0 Singles 75+
Donna Hoshide Silver Medal 3.5 Singles 60+
Jean Bustard
Sharon Kolarik

IPTPA Ratings Friday December 6

Rating sessions are available on Friday December 6.  Club ratings are done using the IPTPA protocol.  Find out more at this website  

A certified rating specialist (CRS) will be here on December 6 to administer the ratings.  Ratings are available for skill levels 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0.  Prep sessions will be offered prior to the rating.  This process is an excellent way to improve your game and learn the necessary skills for the level you wish to achieve.  Ask others who have gone through the process about the experience.

All participants in a session must be going for the same skill level.  Skill levels 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 require 4 participants.  Skill level 4.0 requires 3 participants.

For more information contact Jean Bustard at

Tricia Kordalski
Ron Kordalski
Paul Engstrom
Bill Anderson
Jane Smyth
Todd Smyth
Sandy Varley
Terri Birkholtz
Kay Martens
Ken Martens
Barry Wise

Susan Jones
Kathy Coleman
Susan Daily
Yon Ehrmentrout
Georgine Thomas
Susie Eckhardt
Nancy Katzberg
Beth Larose
Larry Laughman
Barbara Rodriguez
Hugh Spiegel

Irene Payne
Tom Dean