Saturday, January 25, 2020

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Drills - Which One Can I Attend

A Friendly Reminder

 QCPC has guidelines for which drill session you may sign up for.  

These guidelines can be found HERE
These guidelines also found under QC Club Resources on the web page right hand side bar.

Instructors are asked to monitor
 whether people meet the proper requirements
 for fairness to those who do.  

Thanks for your understanding

Movie basket donation

All clubs have been asked to donate a basket
 for the Women of QC’s 
annual fund raiser for American Cancer Society. 
The pickleball club is donating a movie basket. 
Tina Davis is collecting money. 
Please donate a few dollars
 when you see her at open play
 or drop off at her address at 2574 E. Alger Dr.. 
There will be a box at her front door.
 Donations needed by February 1st.
  Thank you.


2.0 Drills
with Kathy Vollink
Monday, 27 January
1 - 3 PM
Sign up HERE

Monday,  3 February
1 - 3 PM
Sign up HERE

2.5 Drills 
with Judy Lyle
Thursday, 30 January
11 - 12:30
Sign up HERE

3.0 Drills 
with Sharon Kolarick
Wednesday, 29 January
3 - 4:30 PM
Sign up HERE


3.0 Drills
with Mark McNown
last one with Mark until March
Tuesday, 28 January 
Sign up HERE

3.5 Drills
with Bill Vollink
Thursday, 30 Jan. 
3 - 4:30 PM
Sign up HERE

with John Lehmand
Sunday 16 January
3 - 5
Sign up HERE

Sunday 2 February
3 - 5
Sign up HERE


Some members are telling me they are having problems 
with navigating the Sign up Genius. 
You will be getting an email with some instructions!
Be looking for it, if you are in need of help. 
The email will be from the club.

4.0 Women’s Skill Level Play
Saturday, 1 February
11 AM  - 1 PM
Sign up HERE

Open Play/Community Play Etiquette

During these play times, 
 if courts are full and people are waiting, 
please exit the court when your game is finished.

Thank you for your cooperation

January 26th and 31st

If you participated in the Intro to Pickleball
 session on 1/11/20
 (or have equivalent experience), 
you are invited to move on to Quail Creek Pickleball Club (QCPC) 
Beginner Pickleball classes on 1/26 and 1/31 
1-3 pm.  
The Beginner classes will build on what you learned in Intro to Pickleball
 (grip, dinking, serving, and service returns) and
 add some new wrinkles (transition, drop and baseline shots).
  We'll also cover proper footwork, the "ready" position, and scoring. 

1/26/2020 Class: This is part one of the Beginner Class.  Sign up for this if you were unable to attend the 1/17/2020 session.

1/31/2020 Class: This is part two of the Beginner Class.  Sign up for this if you were unable to attend the 1/24/2020 class. 

Sign-Up HERE

Next Ratings
 Tuesday February 18

Mark your calendar for the next opportunity to be rated.  
IPTPA updated their skill assessment
 by eliminating Modified Play 
and emphasizing game play.  
New signup will come out next week 
after we've had a chance to review the new format.  

For more information go to

February Lessons and Clinics
 with Sean Rickard 
our local firefighter and pickleball pro.
He is offering private lessons and clinics to QCPC members.  

Private lessons are for skill levels 3.0 and above
 and can be for 1 to 4 people.  
Please sign up for only one slot, either private lesson or clinic.  

Individual private lessons
Sign up HERE

3.0 Clinic
27 February 
11AM - 1PM
Sign up HERE

3.5 Clinic
7 February
11AM - 1PM
Sign up HERE

Vice President/Secretary

It is time again for the QCPC Board of Directors nominations for Vice President and Secretary.   At this time we do not have any names for the Secretary nominees.  For Vice President we have one nominee so far which is our current V.P. Dave Mungo.   Our next election will be in March 12th at our Annual Meeting.  Kathleen Baker had graciously accepted the position as Secretary and her term has been completed. We appreciate everyone who is currently volunteering in these positions as they are the cornerstone for moving our Club forward.  Please consider adding your name to be nominated.

The term is a two year commitment meeting once a month for 2 hours (not during the summer months).  The election is in March, but the actual term begins in September

Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall, in his/her absence, perform the duties of that office.  The Vice-President will also assume responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

Secretary:  The Secretary shall record the minutes of general and special meetings of the membership and Board, shall post the minutes in a timely manner, shall be in charge of all records of the QCPC, other than the Treasurer’s, shall maintain an archive of documents involved in the governance of the QCPC, shall be responsible for correspondence as requested by the members of the Board, shall make available any reports required by the Board, shall give notice of all Board and membership meetings at least 96 hours in advance, and shall include the meeting’s agenda with the notice.

If you are interested, please contact Steve Shapiro at

The next QCPC Board meeting will be on Monday February 3rd at 1pm in the Kino Conference Center.  All members are invited to attend