Saturday, March 7, 2020

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Welcome New Members
March Social Rodeo/St. Jude's Rodeo
T-shirts and Hats pick up
New Pickleball For All, Franklin X-40
On No, Not Me Tournament
IPTA Ratings March 30th
Assisted Play
4.0 Women's Skill Level Play
March Beginner Lessons
March Clinics with Sean Ricard

New Members

Bonnie Sortland
Rand Sortland 
Steve LaGrone 
Kellie Rich 
Rick Schworck
Paula Davis
Donna Davis

1 PM

Exciting information for all. 
Please attend 

QC Pickleball Club T-Shirts and Hats 

The long awaited t-shirts and hats are ready for pickup. 
We will be stationed at the Ramada for the next two round robin
 March 11th. Please stop to pick up your order.

If you are not available on those days, please email me for a pick up time at my home.

Susan Jones


The March monthly social will be a “Pickleball Rodeo” 
Wednesday, March 11
 9:00 to approximately 1:00. 
A Pickleball Rodeo is a combination of friendly and fun skill competitions.  We will be competing as four-person teams in Serving, Return Serve, 3rd Shot Drop and Dinking contests, followed by the ever-popular and truly unique round robin relay tournament.  This year, a new and "surprise" exhibition event will be added for four lucky contestants.  All skill levels are welcome.  A social and food sharing event will follow the competition.  Registration will be closed on March 9 so we can form the competition teams.
In lieu of the 2020 Quail Creek Classic Tournament, the Tournament Directors (who are also organizing this Rodeo) are asking you to continue to support St. Jude by bringing your                                                     voluntary donation!
There are matching funds for donations, so your money works twice as much. 
St. Jude is the USAPA designated charity, and the Quail Creek Classic has been a major contributor to this effort.  In addition to your donations, we will once again raffle off a week in a condo at the Cimarron Golf Resort in Palm Springs, during the 2020 Pickleball Nationals in November.  We will also raffle off a chance to play in the new "surprise" exhibition event, and have pickleball-related prizes to bid on.  Please plan to attend, bring cash or your checkbook, and be generous to help kids with cancer and their families!
Parking will be very limited, as per the Quail Creek POA we are now confined to the parking lot at the courts.  If you can, please drive golf carts rather than cars, carpool, or ride your bike.
Sign Up HERE

New Pickleball
For All

It is the Franklin X-40
   located in the black tubes inside the courts. 
The familiar Onix
 balls that we have been using
 are still available
located in the white tubes outside the courts.

 Franklin’s X-40 Pickleballs 
are engineered to be the best pickleballs on the market, 
playing at peak performance game after game. 
The difference between the X-40
pickleball and its competitors
 is its uniquely crafted manufacturing
 process to ensure
 consistent flight and long-term durability.

The X-40 pickleball provides unparalleled consistency because of its 40 precisely-placed, machine-drilled holes. By automating the drilling process, Franklin can guarantee that every ball we manufacture will be built identically, providing players with a ball that will maintain flight path and bounce no matter which ball you use. No other pickleball on the market is constructed using machine drilled holes, allowing the X-40 to stand alone as the only pickleball that can deliver the exact same high-quality construction for each and every ball In addition to the drilling process, the X-40 is also manufactured to be made from a singular piece of molded plastic to ensure long-term durability. Many leading pickleballs are constructed by fusing together two halves of the ball, which creates a noticeable seam and weakens the structural integrity of the ball. Two-piece balls will always break before one-piece balls. Because the X-40 mold is constructed as one singular piece there is no seam or weak spot, which keeps the ball even and crack resistant.
Have fun and give the new Franklin X-40 balls a try!!


Have you ever thought about playing in a tournament, 
but are a little apprehensive? 
 Well your QCPC Board of Directors
 has found a way to get rid of that apprehension. 
 Now you can play in a tournament
 with your fellow Quail Creek Members
 at our own home courts.  
The QCPC Board has decided to create our own fun
 "Members Only" Tournament.  
No ratings necessary,
 no USAPA registration,
 no travel, 
and we will register through a Sign Up Genius
 link coming out next week.

We are finalizing all the details, but this will be on
 Saturday/Sunday  April 4th/5th.
The Womens Doubles for levels (2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0+) 
will be April 4th.
The Mens Doubles for levels (2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0+) 
 will be on April 5th

IPTPA Ratings - March 30

Skill Levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 available
  Everyone in a session must be going for the same rating.  
  Note your skill level in the comment box. 

 If you are interested in 2.5 rating
contact Jean Bustard at to schedule.

The new format a session can be held with 1, 2 or 3 people. 
Maximum 3 people

 Sean Rickard will be the Certified Rating Specialist (CRS).  
Fee to the CRS is $33/person for sessions with 2 or 3 people
$45/session with one participant.
The rating consists of two parts, you must pass each part to pass.  
The first part is a skills assessment similar to past ratings.
  The second part consists of 3 games of “ghost doubles”, rally score to 11.
See how ghost doubles are played HERE
  Each session will have a rated player to play against in ghost doubles.
  For more information please see IPTPA website HERE.

Sign up HERE


2.0 Drills
with Kathy Vollink
Monday, 9 March
1 - 3 PM
Sign up HERE
Monday, 16 March
1 - 3PM
Sign up HERE

2.5 Drills 
with Judy Lyle
Thursday, 12 March
11 - 12:30
Sign up HERE

3.0 Drills
with Sharon Kolarik
Wednesday, 11 March
3 - 4:30
Sign up HERE


3.0 Drills
with Mark McNown
Tuesday, 10 March
1 - 2:30
Sign up HERE

3.5 Drills
with Bill Vollink
Thursday, 12 March
3 - 4:30
Sign up HERE

with John Lehman
Sunday, 8 March
3 - 5
Sign up HERE
Sunday, 15 March
3 - 5 
Sign up HERE

4.0 Women's Skill Level RR
Saturday, 14 March
11 AM - 1 PM
Sign up HERE

March Beginner Lessons

March 13 and March 20 from 1-3 pm

If you participated in a QCPC Introduction to Pickleball session (or equivalent) and have not yet attended QCPC Beginner Pickleball classes, you are invited to attend Beginner classes. 

These classes will build upon skills introduced in the Intro session and introduce you to additional elements of the game.

 You must sign up in advance using the link below. 
Wear athletic clothing and shoes.
 Loaner paddles will be available for use in the class.  

Sign up HERE

If you have questions, contact Dave Mungo at

March Clinics with Sean Rickard 
Clinics are limited to 8 people.
 Cost is $40/person.

3.0 - March 12
9 - 11 AM
Sign up HERE

3.5 - March 16
11 AM - 1 PM
Sign up HERE  

4.0 - March 23
11 AM - 1 PM
Sign up HERE