Saturday, May 9, 2020

Shade Structure/Cement Pad Update

the contracts have been signed and the bids came in way under the $15,000 we allotted.  Total price for both items came in at $9,480.  The vendor for the Shade structure is 8 weeks out.  Once the poles are set, the Cement pads will be put in place  The shade fabric will be Desert Sand with the poles being powder coated green (matches existing poles).

Court Times 
for Reservations

The QCPC Board is striving to improve the Pickleball Courts COVID-19 guidelines, with that, the Board has instituted a new guideline for court reservations.  
Since we are on a limited court basis, all court reservations will be changing to a limit of 90 minutes.  You may reserve in 30 minute increments up to 90 minutes.  This will allow more players to play during our hours of operation.
This will take effect on Friday May 10th.  

Some other items that  have been mentioned from Members concern the water fountain, bathrooms and ice machine.  These are controlled by the POA and we are waiting upon a response by the POA.