Sunday, May 31, 2020

Who can Play
 on the QC
 Pickleball Courts???

A couple of questions have come up this week
 concerning who is allowed to play
 at the QC Pickleball Facility.

At this time,
 there is no differentiation
 between Members/Non-members
 since there are no official Club activities.  
The courts have always been available
 to be reserved for any Resident of QC, 
except when the Club had official activities going on.  
At those times, courts 15/16 were left Non-Reservable
 for Residents that are non-members.

As for non-residents of QC, or guests of Residents, 
they are not allowed to play
 on the QC pickleball courts at this time, per the POA.

Everything will change back
 to the original rules
 once the POA allows the QCPC to have official activities.


Mark Renneson donated a
 video analysis of a pickleball game
 as a fund raiser for St. Jude.  

Bill Foraker won the analysis and found it very valuable.
 He wrote the following unsolicited testimonial:
 "To anyone who is serious about improving your pickleball game 
and can stand some constructive criticism 
Get a personal game evaluation
 from Mark Renneson at 
 I did one, and not only was his evaluation spot on,
 but it’s like taking 4 or 5 lessons. 
 You can’t possibly focus on everything he points out to you,
 so I watched it, listed 3 things to work on. 
 Then when I think I’m ready, I watch again
 to get my next set of improvement items.  
Mark’s manner and his attention to detail
 is great and I couldn’t recommend it more highly
.  Do it and amaze your friends!

Bill Foraker, Quail Creek Pickleball Club, Green Valley, AZ"
Go HERE to see Bill's video analysis.

As we are currently limited in opportunities 
for pickleball lessons 
we are able to take from professional teachers,
 a video analysis from Mark Renneson is a good alternative.
  I will take the video 
and submit it to Third Shot Sports
 for anyone, in Quail Creek, 
who wants to purchase a video analysis. 
 The price has been reduced from $140 to $100.

  Go HERE to order your video analysis.

Contact for recording the video:

 Lenny Friedman
USAPA Ambassador Green Valley/Sahuarita, AZ

Restrooms at the Ramada

The Restrooms at the Ramada
 have been re-keyed 
with a golf course bathroom key.  
If you currently don't have a key, 
you may pick one up at the Concierge Desk.