Saturday, July 18, 2020

Chillin’ in the Shade

Want to get out of the sun 
while waiting to get on your court?  
Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in the shade? 

With the new shade structure,
 we'll have more covered area
 at the QC pickleball facility than ever.  
But seating is very limited right now
 (the Ramada tables are out of service 
and only one person can safely 
sit on an alley bench at a time). 
 What to do?  

Bring a folding chair, 

find the perfect spot 
under the shade sails or Ramada, 
keep your 6’+ distance
and make yourself comfortable!

  (Due to COVID-19, chairs should not be shared except between members of the same household.


COURTS 5 - 8 and 12 
will be unavailable during 
shade structure installation. 

Monday through Thursday

for two weeks

The Reservation Page 
will reflect this.