Saturday, July 4, 2020


We are living in a historically difficult time.  Everyone is experiencing anxiety, frustration, or worse.  Members have a variety of opinions about what should and should not be done to cope with COVID-19.  Nonetheless, we all share a love of pickleball.  

We are ONE CLUB with ONE GOAL. 
We want our courts to remain open!  
Everyone can agree with that.

Like it or not, rules have been imposed by Pima County and the QC POA that affect the use of QC amenities, including the pickleball courts.  The POA rules are a prerequisite for continued use of our courts. 
The QC General Manager sent another reminder to the QCPC President this week reiterating that pickleball players are required to wear face coverings when at the pickleball facility (though not when on the courts playing).  The General Manager stated that he 

“really want[s] to keep the courts open, but
 if we cannot get compliance the courts may be closed.”  

The QC Patrol will be visiting the pickleball courts daily in order to monitor compliance.


In order to keep the pickleball courts open for play, the QCPC Board respectfully requests that all pickleball players bring and use a face covering when at the pickleball facility (except during games).

Please leave all POA signs and notices in place.

Someday all the stress and hardship caused by COVID-19 will be behind us.  Let’s do all we can to make sure that QCPC emerges unified and ready to resume all Club activities.  Enjoying each other’s company is just as important as playing pickleball.



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