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********The Dream Comes True********

Robson Plans to Build 

16 More

Pickleball Courts in Quail Creek!!


Have you wondered why QCPC Board members are absolutely giddy lately?  It’s because the rumors about the future of pickleball in Quail Creek happen to be true.  Last week Robson announced its plan to build 16 additional pickleball courts in Quail Creek.  Click HERE for link.

In addition to the new courts, the plan calls for a new ramada (with bathrooms and additional storage) and a new parking lot.  See diagram HERE. As with all Robson construction plans, the design is subject to modification.  The exact timeline for construction is undetermined.  At the present time, construction efforts are focused on the new Canyon Club across the street from the pickleball courts.  Given that, 2022 seems likely, though construction on the new courts could conceivably begin as early as late 2021.


This is the culmination of a multi-year campaign by the QCPC Board to educate Quail Creek POA Board members and Robson officials about:

  • the incredible growth of pickleball in Quail Creek.  (Members are playing more hours per week. QCPC membership is growing by double digit percentages annually.  QCPC membership is expected to top 1,000 in just six years or so!);
  • the long-term need for more courts to accommodate demand;
  • the immediate and dire need for more parking (not only for special events, but also for daily play during the winter months);
  • the reasons why additional courts should be located next to the existing pickleball facility rather than in new acreage on the north side of Quail Creek; and
  • specific suggestions regarding important design features.


Quail Creek is already well known for its excellent pickleball courts.  With the addition of 16 more courts, a new ramada, and additional parking, we will truly be in “pickleball heaven.”  Quail Creek will most certainly be recognized as a premier pickleball destination—not just in Arizona, but in all of the southwest!

IPTPA Ratings Information

 For those interested in pursuing an IPTPA rating, 
QCPC now has three Certified Rating Specialists (CRS). 

 Although QCPC is not able to organize ratings at this time,
 you can contact a CRS to explore getting rated.
 For answers to common questions click HERE.



Bill Foraker is your new Membership Chair and he’s fabricated a stylish and functional box to collect membership applications and all other documents for the club.  The box is just inside and to the right when you approach the gate to the front courtyard.  The box is fairly obvious, but there’s a picture below for your reference.   

If there are dogs in the courtyard, please know they are all friendly.  You are welcome to make friends, but please don’t let them out.  The big one is a runner and the little ones aren’t bright.  If you have any trouble, please call me at 812-878-0587.

Membership Applications and Waivers 

In the Pickleball Ramada on the right sign of the bulletin board between the restroom doors, you will find Membership Applications.  Both waivers are on the application so if you’ve completed the app and signed both waivers, front and back, you’re done.   

In addition, if you haven’t signed the waivers, one for the POA and one for the club, the forms are available just above the Member Apps.  The forms are double sided, so one sheet has both forms.  

Both forms are also available for download from our web site.

Each member only needs to sign a waiver once, so if you have already signed yours, you’re done unless there are changes.  You won’t need to sign every year.  Thanks for your patience with this process.

More on waivers in the next newsletter.  I’ll bet you can’t wait.


Parking Issues during Peak Season

As you all are aware, we are in Peak Season and most of the courts are fully booked until 1 pm.  This leaves the parking lot without enough parking spaces for everyone until 1 pm.  With this in mind, if you could follow some simple procedures it would help alleviate some of our parking issues:
  1. If you have a golf cart, please park them two deep.  If you are the 2nd in line, please leave a note in your cart stating which court you are playing on.
  2. Pickleball is a social sport, but once your reservation time is complete, please don't stand around and visit (social distancing is necessary), but rather leave the parking facility as soon as possible.
  3. Remember, since we have the best weather of the year during this season, why not spread out the playing time to utilize the courts all day long.


It is time for the QCPC Board of Directors nominations for  President and Treasurer. 

For President, we have one nominee so far, which is our current President, Steve Shapiro.

For Treasurer we have one nominee so far, which is our current Treasurer, Nancy Katzberg.

 Our next election will be in March at our Annual Meeting.  

Please consider adding your name to be nominated.

The term is a two-year commitment meeting once a month for 2 hours for our Board meetings (not during the summer months), plus additional hours weekly for regular business.  The election is in March, but the actual term begins in September.

President:  The President shall be the chief administrator of the QCPC and shall preside over all membership and Board meetings shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, shall appoint, with Board approval, the Committee Chairpersons, and at the direction of the Board or membership, shall appoint special committees.  The President shall also be responsible for issuing guidelines and rules for club activities when there are safety concerns or other requirements not covered by these By-laws.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the QCPC shall be responsible for receiving the annual dues from the Membership Chairperson, and other monies, if required, shall pay all bills owed by the QCPC shall present a financial report at each meeting of the Board and membership, and shall present the Treasurer’s Annual Report to the Board before the end of the fiscal year.


If you are interested, please contact Bill Foraker at


New Organized Play 

Mixed Round Robin (2.5) on Fridays


Organized Play (OP) round robins provide weekly playing opportunities for Club members of approximately the same skill levels (2.0 through 4.0+).  Due to the popularity of the existing QCPC OP Round Robin for 2.5 players, QCPC is adding another session beginning the week of January 18th.  Advance sign-up is required using the link below.  This link is also available on the QCPC website (right side).   


2.5 OP Round Robin (Fridays) click HERE

Weekly Schedule of QCPC Round Robins

and New Member Meetups


QCPC offers 10 Organized Play (OP) round robins, two Skill-Level (SL) round robins, and two New Member Meetups (NMM) per week.   Club members must sign up for these using Sign-Up Genius (see links on QCPC website).  Ratings or comparable tournament experience are prerequisites for participation in SL round robins, but not OP round robins.  


Monday: 2.0 OP, 4.0+ OP, 3.5 SL

Tuesday: 2.5 OP, 4.0+ SL

Wednesday: 2.0 OP, 3.0 OP

Thursday: 3.0 OP, 3.5 OP

Friday: 2.5, 3.5, 4.0+ OP

Saturday: NMM (Novice), NMM (Intermediate)


These events are scheduled for 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  See the sign-up pages for additional details.

Need Equipment? 

Check out the QCPC Pickleball Store!


Need a new paddle?  How about pickleballs, apparel, or a backpack?  Club members of all skill levels can find top quality equipment at the QCPC Pickleball Store.  Click below or on the link on the QCPC website.


Beginners: The Club offers Selkirk Latitude SLK widebody (graphite face with polymer core) paddles for $60.  This is a great starter paddle or an upgrade from cheap off-brand paddles.

Contact Dave Mungo at or 303-335-6707.


Test and Purchase New Paddles from Paddletek and Selkirk Reps:

See details and rep information at the QCPC Pickleball Store.

Buy all types of pickleball equipment and accessories here at a 5% discount.  The Club also receives a 5% rebate from Pickleball Central to use for future equipment purchases.  Get the discount code at the QCPC Pickleball Store.

Click HERE for QCPC Pickleball Store information.