Saturday, January 9, 2021

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Parking Issues during Peak Season
As you all are aware, we are in Peak Season and most of the courts are fully booked until 1 pm.  This leaves the parking lot without enough parking spaces for everyone until 1 pm.  With this in mind, if you could follow some simple procedures it would help alleviate some of our parking issue
  1. If you have a golf cart, please park them two deep.  If you are the 2nd in line, please leave your keys in the cart so that it may be moved if necessary.
  2. Pickleball is a social sport, but once your reservation time is complete, please don't stand around and visit (social distancing is necessary), but rather leave the parking facility as soon as possible.
With your help, we can make the pickleball facility accessible to all members

Starting January 16th

“New Member Meetup”


Welcome new Club members! 

 Would you like to meet other Club members and play pickleball? 

 Beginning January 16th,

 there will be separate

 New Member Meetup

 for Novice players

 and Intermediate players

 every Saturday at 11 AM. 

 Depending on the number of players attending, 

a round robin format will be used.  

Advance sign-up is required (no drop-ins allowed).  

  Use the appropriate Sign-Up Genius link below,

 or on the right side of the QCPC website. 

 New Member Meetup are available for sign-up

 beginning 8 days before the event date.   

Each Meetup is limited to 10 players.


New members are invited to attend and p

 in these Meetup for approximately five weeks

 After that, players should transition to existing

 QCPC Organized Play

 or Skill-Level round robins

and/or private play with new QCPC friends.  


Members who joined QCPC in 2020

who had their opportunities 

to meet other Club members significantly limited

 by the pandemic are also welcome to participate

 in New Member Meetup along with more recent QCPC members.


New Member Meetup (Novice):  

Click HERE

Beginners: If you are a new member who needs to learn the basics of pickleball before signing up for a New Member Meetup or QCPC round robin, please contact Jean Bustard ( 


New Member Meetup (Intermediate):

Click HERE

Advanced Players: New members who are advanced players (4.0 or higher) looking to play in a suitable group should contact Dave Mungo ( 


POA COVID-19 restrictions apply to New Member Meetup. 

 Participants must maintain 6+ feet of social distance

 and wear recommended protective mask

 except when on the courts playing pickleball.


Weekly Schedule of QCPC Round Robins


QCPC offers 9 Organized Play (OP) and

 two Skill-Level (SL) round robins per week.  

 Club members must sign up for these

 using Sign-Up Genius (see links on QCPC website).

  Ratings or comparable tournament experience

 are prerequisites for participation in SL round robins, 

but not OP round robins.  


Monday: 2.0 OP, 4.0+ OP, 3.5 SL

Tuesday: 2.5 OP, 4.0+ SL

Wednesday: 2.0 OP, 3.0 OP

Thursday: 3.0 OP, 3.5 OP

Friday: 3.5, 4.0+ OP


QCPC round robins are scheduled for 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

 See the sign-up pages for additional details.

New Organized Play

 Mixed Round Robins (2.0 and 4.0+)


Organized Play (OP) is Club-sponsored round robin play. 

 Currently there are seven OP round robins per week

 providing weekly playing opportunities

 for Club members of approximately

 the same skill levels (2.0 through 4.0+). 

Due to the popularity of the existing

 QCPC OP Round Robins for 2.0 and 4.0+ players, 

QCPC is adding another session

 for each of these skill levels 

beginning the week of January 18th

 Advance sign-up is required using the links below. 

 These links are also available on the QCPC website (right side).   


                                    2.0 OP Round Robin (Wednesdays):

                                              Sign Up HERE

                                   4.0+ OP Round Robin (Mondays):

                                              Sign UP HERE


It is time for the QCPC Board of Directors nominations for  President and Treasurer.  For President, we have one nominee so far, which is our current President, Steve Shapiro.  For Treasurer we have one nominee so far, which is our current Treasurer, Nancy Katzberg. Our next election will be in March at our Annual Meeting.  Please consider adding your name to be nominated.

The term is a two-year commitment meeting once a month for 2 hours for our Board meetings (not during the summer months), plus additional hours weekly for regular business.  The election is in March, but the actual term begins in September.

President:  The President shall be the chief administrator of the QCPC and shall preside over all membership and Board meetings shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, shall appoint, with Board approval, the Committee Chairpersons, and at the direction of the Board or membership, shall appoint special committees.  The President shall also be responsible for issuing guidelines and rules for club activities when there are safety concerns or other requirements not covered by these By-laws.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the QCPC shall be responsible for receiving the annual dues from the Membership Chairperson, and other monies, if required, shall pay all bills owed by the QCPC shall present a financial report at each meeting of the Board and membership, and shall present the Treasurer’s Annual Report to the Board before the end of the fiscal year.


If you are interested, please contact Bill Foraker at

Are You Interested in Getting a Skill Rating?


QCPC members can play in most Club-sponsored activities and have fun without a rating, and ratings are NOT required.  But you might still want to get rated!   

Why might you want get a rating? 

Testing for a rating is a great way to see where you are on youpickleball “journey.”  Practicing for a rating helps you focus on the fundamental skills needed to improve your play, regardless of your current skill level.  To see details on skill level tests go to click HERE. 

To see a video on how "ghost doubles" used during rating are played click HERE

Can I get a rating here at Quail Creek? 

QCPC rating opportunities have been offered through the International Pickleball Teachers Professional Association (IPTPA).  Although ratings are not available through the club at this time, QCPC is fortunate to now have three Club members (Sharon Kolarik, Bill Vollink, and Jean Bustard) who are IPTPA Certified Rating Specialists.  If you are interested in being rated, contact these individuals directly for additional information on the process.


For skill level 4.0 or 4.5 contact Sharon Kolarik:

For skill levels 2.5 through 3.5 contact either

      Bill Vollink:

  or Jean Bustard:

QCPC Member’s 

Pickleball Machine is Coming Soon!

The industry’s best pickleball drills and training machine

 will soon be here for QCPC member’s use. 

  With training, any QCPC member will be able use this machine.  

We had hoped to start offering training in this newsletter

but found a manufacturer’s defect 

and are now waiting for a new replacement.  




January 15th is the end date
to ensure your name is on the roster
Click HERE for renewal form
It will also be on the website under Membership Tab