Saturday, February 27, 2021

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***The "Looking For Players" list will be password 
protected starting today.***

The same password applies to all.




The long-awaited and much-anticipated arrival of the Pickle 2 pickleball machine is over. The machine is ready for use!! 
The Pickle 2 will replicate most shots common to the game. Serves and drives with topspin or underspin. Third shot drops from anywhere on the court. You will be able to work on your blocks and punch volleys and so much more. 

Click here to see capabilities

The machine can be reserved in 1 ½ hour blocks of time following QCPC primetime hours. Court 4 has been set aside as the designated Pickle 2 training court. 

To get started you must first attend a training class on how to safely operate the machine and sign-off on waivers. Once you have completed the training you are eligible to reserve the machine. Training dates and times can be found on the QCPC website under “Pickleball Training Machine”.  

Pickle2 Training Reservations 
1. Click here to schedule a training day and time through SignUpGenius. 
2. Click here to print the training documents you must bring to class.

QCPC March Board Meeting
March 2nd at 1:30 PM

Due to COVID restrictions, the next scheduled QCPC monthly Board meeting will be held as a Zoom meeting. Directions for this virtual meeting are listed below.

Topic: QCPC Board meeting
Time: Mar 2, 2021 01:30 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 858 1760 1418
Passcode: 832170
One tap mobile
+16699009128,,85817601418#,,,,*832170# US (San Jose)
+12532158782,,85817601418#,,,,*832170# US (Tacoma)

Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
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        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 858 1760 1418
Passcode: 832170
Find your local number:

Updated QC POA Non-Resident Guest Policy

The Quail Creek POA, along with all Robson properties, has updated the COVID Non-Resident Guest Policy for the pickleball courts effective March 1, 2021.  The QCPOA COVID-19 guest policy supersedes the QCPC P&P guest policy until further notice.

Please remember that the hosting QCPC members will be responsible for ensuring that all guests at the QCPC Pickleball facility comply with existing masking and social distancing rules.

1.   The Quail Creek POA COVID Guest Policy is effective March 1, 2021.  The Non-Resident Guest may play on a court reserved by a Quail Creek Resident for all times after 2 pm on all days of the week.
2.   A Non-Resident Guest is defined as an individual from outside the Quail Creek Community not residing with a Quail Creek Resident.
3.   The Non-Resident Guest must be accompanied by their resident sponsor while using the courts.
4.   Non-Resident Guest Ratio: The maximum number of Non-Resident guests is four for each QC resident in a reservation group.  The minimum number of QC residents must be present at all times, but it is not necessary to have a QC resident playing on every court at all times, however, the QC resident must be in the rotation of play.
5.   The maximum number of courts that may be reserved is 2 courts for 2 hours with a maximum of 10 players.  For this to occur you must have two Quail Creek residents in the rotation.
6.   An adult must accompany guests under the age of eighteen (18) and remain with them for the entire duration of court use.

IPTPA 4.0 Practice Drill Session

On Wednesday, February 24th
 Sharon Kolarik (USAPA 5.0👏) 
offered a 4.0 IPTPA training class 
that would allow the participants to
 perform the skills necessary to take the 4.0 IPTPA test. 

We had twenty-four QCPC members participated, and just like the actual test, the participants had to achieve a score of 68 points out of 90 to pass.  

In this group there was one participant who was able to achieve the qualification for a 4.0 rating, with the average score for all participants at 56.4. 

This training class had participants doing transition zone backhands/forehands/cross-court shots, 
as well as overheads, punch volleys, baseline drop shots 
and the famed "windshield wiper" drill.
  The drills with the highest scores by all of the participants were the windshield wiper drill and the overheads.  

The class provided excellent insight
 as to what the members needed
 to practice to achieve that next skill level.

If you are interested in the IPTPA testing,
 check out the right side of our webpage under "Rating Information".  
 The IPTPA testing is available for 2.5 through 4.5 skill levels,
 and since its inception at QCPC
 a total of 111 members have taken and passed the test.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Douglas Sherman
Tom Wenk

Learn about the derivation of the name "pickleball ",

 how to execute advanced dinking techniques,

 and how pickleball improves

 mental health and mental performance 

in the January/February, 2021 edition 

of Pickleball Magazine:   

For a free edition of the magazine click HERE

Thank You to

Lenny Friedman

USA Pickleball  Ambassador


The “Ultimate. Guide” HERE


Saturday, February 13, 2021

   Starting Time for Court Reservations
   Starting Time for Club Sponsored Events
   New Members, Welcome
   Thinking of a 4.0 IPTA Rating?
   Three Participants needed for IPTA 3.5 Rating
   Preferred Guest PB Program

****The Starting Time****
for Court Reservations 
is Unchanged

Due to changes to the Hold My Court software, the time changes previously announced did not go into effect last week.  As a result, the starting time for Hold My Court reservations will remain unchanged.  We are sorry for any confusion caused.  As in the past, court reservations begin at 9:00 PM on the seventh day prior to the day for which a reservation is sought. 


****Change in the Starting Time****
to Sign Up
for Club-Sponsored Events
Using Sign-Up Genius

Beginning on 2/15/21, the starting time to sign up for Club-Sponsored events using Sign-Up Genius will be 9:01 PM on the seventh day prior to the day of the event.   

The times of recurring Club-sponsored events are not being changed.  For example, an Organized Play round robin previously held on Mondays from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM will continue to be held at the same time.  Sign-ups for a Club-sponsored event on Sign-Up Genius will start at 9:01 PM one week before the event.   For example, sign-ups for an Organized Play round robin on February 22nd  begin at 9:01 PM on February 15th.

Last Year the Members of the QCPC purchased $5,819 through using our Club Code of CRQuail
 This gave the member a 5% discount
 and gave the QCPC 5% back.
For 2020, even with COVID and all the restrictions we had, 
you generated $290.94 for the Club 
to use on future purchases 
(training aids, paddles for Club use, pickleball, etc.).  

Remember to look at our QCPC Pickleball Store
 for your local QCPC reps for Selkirk and Paddletek.  
They will let you demo a new paddle,
 and will also sell you new paddles 
with 5% going to the Club. 


Are you a 3.5 rated pickleball player (IPTPA/USA Pickleball),
 or do you currently play in the 3.5/4.0
 Organized Play Mixed Round Robins?  

Have you always wanted to know 
what it takes
 to become a 4.0 IPTPA pickleball player?   

Our own Sharon Kolarik 
(USA Pickleball 5.0 player & IPTPA Certified Specialist)
 will offer a free practice day 
that will let you perform the skills
 necessary to take the 4.0 IPTPA test.
This is a perfect opportunity
 to find out what it takes
and to see if you are ready to test at the 4.0 level. 

 You are not making any commitment to testing.

The practice will be on Wednesday, February 24th from 9 am to 4 pm. 
There will be 3 slots per hour.

Just click here to reserve a spot through Sign Up Genius. 
To see the IPTPA skill assessment for 4.0 players click here

For faqs on IPTPA ratings click here.

IPTPA 3.5 Rating

Looking for two people
 to join Tony Fratini 
for a 3.5 Rating. 

If interested please contact

 or Jean at


Pickleball Program

Robson Quail Creek offers a 1 day, 3-day, and 4-day Preferred Guest program. 

 The program is offered to prospective buyers that are interested in living at Quail Creek.

  They stay at one of the Guest homes in Quail Creek so that they may experience the Quail Creek lifestyle.

  In the past, the Preferred Guest would have access to the golf course and would have arranged tee times.

  Due to the high interest in pickleball, 

the program has been expanded

 to include pickleball reservations during their stay in Quail Creek.

  With the QCPC Boards approval, 

we will try to place the PG in one of our Organized Play Round Robins

 depending on their skill-level and dates of stay. 

If that doesn't work out, then we will arrange for a private doubles match.  

If you are interested in being part of the "Court Ambassador" program, 

please email Steve Shapiro (

with your name and skill level (can be self-rated/IPTPA/USA pickleball). 

 We are looking for all skill levels with emphasis on 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0.

  It will be a fun experience for you and the Preferred Guest.


Saturday, February 6, 2021



Rich Uphoff
Jennifer Wolfe
 Larry Wolfe
 Nancy Davis
 Mike Broos

Court Usage Updates

The QCPC Board has approved updating the Policies and Procedures Manual concerning Court Usage.  The update is listed below:

Prohibited Uses of Quail Creek Courts

Quail Creek is fortunate to have a top-tier pickleball facility for use by residents and guests.  The Quail Creek Property Owners Association (QCPOA) and QCPC strive to maintain the QC pickleball facility in first-rate condition.  QC residents must use the QC courts responsibly at all times and ensure that their guests do so as well. 

QCPOA General Court Rules 6.42 and 6.43 (previously stated) prohibit damaging footwear and the use of QC courts for any purpose other than their intended purpose.

In addition, the QC courts may not be used for or with the following:

  1. bicycling, roller skating, etc.
  2. balls other than pickleballs
  3. chalk, paint, and tape that leaves a residue
  4. chairs and other furniture (except small tables with protective leg caps used to support ball machines) unless expressly permitted for a Club-sponsored activity
  5. glass containers
  6. beverages other than water
  7. snacking and eating food
  8. any and all other uses that may mark or damage the QC courts



A study of court usage throughout the year was performed. 

This was done to determine the times most likely that a person 

would be at a device to sign up for court time.

the following was determined: 


Court Reservations—begin at 8:30 PM seven days prior to the day for which a reservation is sought.

SUG Signups—begin at 8:31 PM seven days prior to the day of the event.



Court Reservations—begin 5:00 pm seven days prior to the day for which a reservation is sought.

SUG Signups—begin at 5:01 seven days prior to the day of the event.