Saturday, March 27, 2021

    Welcome New Member
    Spring "Social" Reminders
    Prime Time Changes - Skill Level Play, Organized Play, New Member Meetup times change
    QCPC General Membership Meeting Synopsis
    Members Ratings Update 
    Pickleball Expands During Pandemic


Gary Wibbenhorst

Reminder for the Spring "Social"
28 March 2021; 12 - 2PM
Arrive By 11:45AM

To keep our Spring "Social" Fun and Safe 

Please Be Sure To:

  • Utilize your own ball/s 
  • Go directly to the court you were assigned
  • Remain on the assigned court
  • No congregating in the Ramada or between courts
  • Masks are mandatory anytime you are not on a court
  • Parking is limited so:
    • Commute with your fellow players on your court.
    • Drive your golf cart. 
    • When you park it at the court, please leave a note in it as to which court you are playing on, in case it needs to be moved.
    • Ride your bike to the courts.
  • Do not park on Quail Crossing Blvd or in the new neighborhood by the courts.
Have a great time and stay safe.


April 1st through May 31st 

8 am -10am everyday

6pm to 8 pm Monday - Friday



Time Change for All Organized Play,

Skill-Level Play, and New Member Meetups

 will be 10 AM.

 QCPC General Meeting Synopsis

On March 23, 2021, 

the QCPC held its General Meeting
 to elect Officers via Zoom.

The results of the voting
 were to re-elect 
Steve Shapiro - President 
and elect Nancy Katzberg - Treasurer,  
for a two-year term starting on September 1, 2021.

The presentation is available
 to view under Board meeting minutes on our website.


Members Rating Update
***2.5 ***3 ***3.5 ***4 ***4.5*** 5

At the last monthly Board meeting on March 2nd, the Board approved updating the qualifications used for our Members Ratings used in Skill Level Round Robins. These can be found in the Policy and Procedures manual pages 7-8 (Click Here). 

An overview is that we no longer accept as a qualifier for 3.0+ Skill Level RR.  QCPC will use the most recent IPTPA or USAP rating in determining eligibility for Skill-Level play. The highest USAP Tournament Player Rating (UTPR) in mixed, women's, or men's double play will be used.

Members should be aware that USAP ratings may go up or down based on tournament play.  So long as a national rating is not superseded by a changed rating, the rating earned by a QCPC member will not expire for the purpose of determining eligibility for QCPC Skill-Level round-robin play.  Also, the list used for member ratings will be updated annually in February, or as needed during the year to reflect known rating changes.


(Shown from L/R: Bill Vollink, Tom Dean, Jim Malone,
 Greg Dinnocenti, Doug Warren, Steve Shapiro, 
Dave Mungo, Doug Stacken, Doug Christy, 
Pat Kolarik, Dave Thomas, Brian Leikhus.
Absent from photo: Jeff Grass and Al Skoglund)

The Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL) expanded to the Tucson area in 2021. Before the expansion, the League had been in the Phoenix Metro/Casa Grande area. The APPL is made up of a Men's and Women's League for skill levels (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5/5.0). Quail Creek took part in the Tucson area League with a Men's 4.0 Team. The League was a 9 week season (5 home games and 4 away games in the Tucson area) followed by Regional and State play-offs in Casa Grande. Because of COVID, "The Creekers" had to play their home games at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson. The League started in January and ran through mid-March.

The Creekers finished 3rd in the 4.0 bracket with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses. The interesting part of the League is that the games are played on the points system. Two points if you win a game, 1 point if you lose but score 6 points or more, and no points for a score of 5 or less. The Creekers finished the season with 220 Team Points and 172 Opponent Points (Points scored by the Opponents). All Players enjoyed the camaraderie among all the Teams and the competitive aspect of the games. The Creekers are planning on playing in 2022 and bring home the 1st place State Title. Hopefully, in 2022 the home games will be in Quail Creek and we will have more Skill Levels (Men and Women) taking part.


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