Saturday, June 5, 2021




Officially, summer hasn’t started—but it’s definitely starting to feel like it!  So, effective June 7th, all QCPC Organized Play, Skill-Level, and New Member Meetup round robins will start at 7:00 AM.  Be cool on the court!  Play from 7 AM to 9 AM. 


Also, please sign up for QCPC round robins on Sign-Up Genius as soon as possible.  If there aren’t enough sign-ups by 24-48 hours before the round robin, the reserved courts will be released and the round robin may be canceled.  The Club does this to minimize unused reserved courts and maximize court availability for club members.


Open Play Is Back!

With  A New Feature

To Get You Back In The Saddle

Remember when QCPC members could drop-in for Open Play without signing up in advance?  Well, happy days are here again!  Beginning on Monday June 7th, QCPC Open Play will restart according to the following weekly schedule:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Mornings:

7:00-9:00 AM on courts 9 through 12 

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Evenings:

6:00-8:00 PM on courts 9 through 12

How Does Open Play Work?
  1. QCPC Open Play is open to all QCPC Club members, their visiting house guests, and Robson Preferred Guests.
  2. Players may drop-in to Open Play anytime without signing up.  If a designated Open Play court is available, participants can get on the court immediately.   
  3. If any Open Play court is not being used and all other courts are occupied, then Quail Creek residents and their guests may use the vacant Open Play court(s).  However, if additional Open Play participants arrive and are waiting to play, then non-participating QC residents and their guests should release the court for Open Play as soon as possible. 
  4. So long as there are four players available for an Open Play court, Open Play is doubles play. 
  5. Open Play is mixed-skill recreational play.  Courts are not designated by skill-level. 
  6. Waiting players will rotate in after each completed game.  If four or more are waiting, the first four will replace the players on the next Open Play court to complete a game.  If there are less than four waiting players, one or more of the previous players may remain on the court to make a foursome. 
  7. The order in which waiting players enter Open Play courts is determined by use of the “Paddle Saddle” located between courts 11 and 12 near the shade sails.  All waiting players should place their paddles in the Paddle Saddle.  The Paddle Saddle will hold up to 12 paddles.  The instructions for its use are posted next to the Paddle Saddle.
The resumption of Open Play is made possible by the POA’s recent withdrawal of temporary COVID-19 rules. 
The QCPC Board will monitor Open Play to determine whether it is meeting the needs of QCPC members.  The format and number of courts used for QCPC Open Play may be changed, as needed.