Saturday, July 31, 2021


      ROY HILADO      


approved by the QCPC Board

1.   Quail Creek residents may reserve a court by clicking on “Court Reservations” on the website. 
2.   Courts may be reserved no more than seven days in advance. Courts may be reserved for up to two (2) hours for doubles play.  Courts may be reserved for up to two (2) hours for singles play, no more than one hour of which may be in morning Prime Time. 
3.   Court reservations for use of a Pickleball Machine are restricted to times other than morning Prime Time. 
4.   Reservations may be made on the hour or 1/2 hour. 
5.   The Ramada at the Pickleball courts may be reserved by any group within Quail Creek by following POA established procedures. 
6.   Courts 1-14 are reservable for private play unless reserved for QCPC-authorized activities, events and instruction. 
7.   Courts 15-16 are not reservable for private play and may be used on a “first-come, first-served basis” unless reserved for a QCPC-authorized activity or event. 
8.   Guest Ratio: The maximum number of non-QC guests is four for each QC resident in a reservation group.  The minimum number of QC residents must be present at all times, but it is not necessary to have a QC resident playing on every court at all times. 
9.   Reservation Limit in Prime Season: In Prime Season, private reservations during Prime Time are limited to two courts for two hours per group.  Members of the reserving group may not reserve additional courts in the names of other group members. 

Approved update: 
Updated Prime Season to Prime Time to cover all times during the year. Allowed for exceptions. Reservation Limit in Prime Time: Private reservations during Prime Time are limited to two courts for two hours per group.  Members of the reserving group may not reserve additional courts or time in the names of other group members.  Exception: If there are still unreserved courts after 9:00 PM the evening before play, members may reserve additional courts during Prime Time up to a total of four. 10.  “Prime Season” is October through April 
11.  Unless a change is announced in the QCPC newsletter and website, “Prime Time” hours are as follows:  

June - September: 7 am to 9 am 
October - November: 8 am to 10 am 
December – March: 9 am to 11 am 
April – May: 8 am to 10 am 

October – May: 6 pm to 8 pm Monday through Friday 
June – September: 7 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday

Addition to the Section and justification: 
With COVID restrictions being lifted, the QCPC has once again seen a high demand for the pickleball courts.  Also, during this time, we have seen an increase in reservations being made and no one showing up for the reservation. This obviously decreases our court utilization. 
The QCPC Board has tried informing our members of this action through several newsletter articles, along with a banner on our court reservation page. These efforts have been unsuccessful in preventing this from occurring. 
12. Canceling Court Reservations: QC pickleball courts are frequently in very high demand.  Any court reservation that will not be used due to a change of plans for any reason should be deleted by the reserving QCPC member as far in advance of the reserved time as possible.  This allows other QCPC members to reserve the court and maximizes use of the courts. 
13. Penalty for Repeated “No Shows”:  QCPC members who fail to promptly delete their court reservations when they no longer intend to use them may be sanctioned as follows:  
a.   The first violation by a QCPC member within any three-month period will result in an email to the member with a reminder about the QCPC court cancelation policy. b.   The second violation by a QCPC member within any three-month period will result in an email warning that the member’s court reservation privileges will be suspended for 14 days if a third violation occurs within any three-month period. c.    The third violation by a QCPC member within any three-month period will result in the member’s court reservation privileges being suspended for 14 days.  Written notice of the suspension will be made by email or hand delivery.  

A member who continues to violate the QCPC court cancellation policy after having been suspended for prior violations may be subject to additional sanctions (including suspension from Club activities or termination of membership) under the procedures of Article IX (Discipline) of the QCPC

Player Development Director 

Search for 2021/2022 Season

At the October 2020 board meeting, a possible new organization for the QCPC player development program that included a contract Player Development (PD) Director (Director) was discussed.

For the upcoming 2021/2022 season we will most likely outgrow or severely stress our very successful volunteer-based program because of projected growth in membership from new homes & popularity of the sport. A solution to maintain our goal of offering quality, consistent PD activities is to have a dedicated Director work for the club. This part-time person would pick up certain offerings which would reduce the number of volunteer hours needed but would not eliminate the need for many volunteers.

With the 2021/2022 season just around the corner it is time to advertise for this position and this announcement is first going to QCPC members.

To see the job description, click “

Interviews will include an on-court teaching demonstration. To be considered, applicants will need a teaching certification from a recognized pickleball organization such as USA Pickleball, IPTPA or Pickleball Coaching International and hold liability insurance at levels required by Quail Creek POA contract.

If this position is filled it will have no impact on the approved QCPC budgets. In the 2019/2020 shortened season there were 570 volunteer slots between October and early March. We estimate that if we had a PD Director during that period, we still would have needed to fill 350 volunteer slots. Having a director will reduce the load on QCPC members who have been so generous volunteering their time in the past.

If we are successful filling this position, we hope to expand club offerings, including mentor play, play critique, and “level-up” sessions. A request for volunteers will go out to club members in September.

If you have questions about what a volunteer coach or assistant coach does, please contact Jean Bustard at 


A new bike rack was built and installed 

The old bike rack was moved 
because due to the proximity to handicap parking. 
It is now located at the west curb
 in the front of a golf cart parking spot. 


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Jul 21, 2021 03:00 PM Arizona
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Due to sharply reduced sign-ups this summer, 

the Club has not been successful 

in continuing the 2.5 (Tuesdays) 

and 3.5 (Fridays) 

Organized Play Round Robins. 

These groups will resume again in the fall. 

 Look for a September announcement of the start date.


The 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 Organized Play Round Robins and the New Member Meetups will continue this summer as scheduled. 





Saturday, July 3, 2021



(Thanks to our QCPC President, Steve Shapiro for finding this)

Landscape plans below - notice the grass on each side of the Ramada

Parking: The primary access to the proposed site will be provided via the existing pickleball parking lot and driveway at Quail Crossing Boulevard. A secondary, gated driveway is also proposed west of the existing guard house. Parking The Town of Sahuarita Off-Street Parking and Loading Standards Section 18.75.030, Table 18.75-2 for “Sport Courts” requires a minimum of 2 spaces per court and a maximum of 4 spaces per court. The 32 (existing and proposed) courts requires a minimum of 64 spaces and a maximum of 128 spaces. The proposed plan will increase the total to 118 parking spaces (51 existing lot [48 + 3 HC]+ 67 at new site).

Lighting:  It does appear that the new courts will have lights.
Fencing: It doesn't show fencing between courts, but that was not present on the drawings for the original courts either.

These will be on the web page also as well as a link HERE for more information 

(no chance of starting a fire!)
click HERE