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Open Play


Remember when QCPC members could drop-in

 for Open Play without signing up in advance?

Well, happy days are here again! 


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Mornings:

7:00-9:00 AM on courts 9 through 12

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Evenings:

6:00-8:00 PM on courts 9 through 12

These Are NEW



These Instructions are also on the right side of the web page. 

Court Opening Time

Effective September 5th, the court opening times will be at 6:30 am

Prime Season begins in October and goes through April.

Prime Time will run from  8 am to 10 am starting October 1st.

On October 1st all Organized Play times are moving to after Prime Time.


You cyclists may have noticed that the bike racks have been relocated. 

 We were informed by Patrol that we could not leave the new green rack

 in the space adjoining the handicapped parking space, so we moved it.  

Then after some reassessment, we decided to move the racks again. 

 Now they are together near the NE corner of the parking lot. 

 It's not a perfect solution, but now we have parking for skinny and fat tire bikes.  

The gray rack is single sided and will accommodate the fat tires. 

 The green rack is double sided so it will handle more cycles. 

 We know we blocked a sidewalk,

 but there are still easy ways to get around the racks and we think this is the best solution...  for now!

The Arizona Pickleball Players League Teams are forming in Quail Creek. This is a competitive fun league.

There will be Men's/Women's & Mixed Doubles in the  2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5+ levels this year.  Home games will be played at Quail Creek.  The season goes from January through the last week of March, playing once a week (alternating home/away).  This is a Tucson league, so the away games are as far north as Oro Valley.  You do not need to be part of the USA Pickleball. It iss open to all ages 18+.

For more information about the here.

If you are interested in forming a team or joining one, please contact  Steve Shapiro @  Please let me know if you are forming a team, or would like to participate as a player. I will also need to know your skill level (this does not require an official skill level from USA Pickleball/IPTPA, but you need to have the skill of that level to play in the league).



We are having an Awareness and Fund Raising Event for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). And Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) 

Karen Warfield (Tom’s wife) has CRPS and Dr. T.K. Warfield (Tom’s brother) has been diagnosed with this. 

The event centers around a three day Pickleball Tournament

 that will be held at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson,

Oct. 15, 16 and 17, 2021.  

We have an amazing Team of Kevin Warfield(Tom’s Son and Marketing Director)

 Jeri Krassner -RSDSA (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association),

Shivu Patel LBDA (Lewy Body Dementia Association ), 

Lenny Friedman(USAPA Pickleball Ambassador)

 Erika Lochow(“Picklin’ for a Cure” Tournament Director)

 and Dusty Friedman(Finance Co- Director)

 Please go to our main website  


to register for the Tournament “Picklin for a Cure”or

 Please consider making a donation.

 All monies will be divided between the two Charities

and will be used for research for these two cruel diseases.

 Also if you are interested in being a sponsor please contact me. 

Your Consideration  will be Very Much Appreciated .

  Thank you , Tom Warfield

 and the very Groovy and Golden “Picklin’ for a Cure” 

Event Management Team 520 331-4418 ❤️✌️😎

Below are the ethics of good sportsmanship as composed by the USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Committee.  We have some of the most respectful players and one of the best pickleball facilities in the USA.  Please follow these recommendations and we will maintain respect, dignity and decorum at our wonderful Quail Creek Pickleball Courts.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding Pickleball Sportsmanship or becoming a member of USA Pickleball Please consider joining USA Pickleball (USA Pickleball Registration)

A link will be placed on the right hand side of the web page. 

Lenny Friedman
USAPA Ambassador Green Valley/Sahuarita, AZ



Pickleball was created to be a fun, competitive, and highly social sport. Since its inception, it has embodied an ethic of good sportsmanship that includes respect, fair play, and graciousness in winning and losing. The purpose of this guide is to encourage behaviors that reflect these foundational values. The Official Rules of Pickleball take precedence over this guide in any and all situations.

1. Treat all players, officials, volunteers, staff, and spectators with courtesy and respect.

    a. Introduce yourself to any players you do not know.

    b. Never use foul language or obscene gestures. Never denigrate another person.

    c. At the end of each game, meet the other players at the net to acknowledge them in

        a positive manner. In officiated matches, thank the referee.

    d. Accommodate players with adaptive needs when possible.

2. Know the Official Rules of Pickleball, apply them fairly and cooperate in any situation

that is not expressly covered by the rules.

3. Practice good sportsmanship when making line calls.

    a. Respect your opponents' right to make all calls on their end of the court.

    b. Call your own shot “out” if you see that it is out.

    c. If you question an opponent’s call, do so respectfully and do not argue.

    d. If you defer a line call to your opponents, accept their call graciously.

    e. Do not call a ball “out” unless you see it clearly and are certain it is out.

    f. Promptly correct any wrong call your partner may make.

    g. Resolve any uncertainty in favor of your opponents.

4. Call a fault on yourself or your partner as soon as the fault occurs, regardless of      whether your opponents are aware of the fault.

    a. Watch your own and your partner’s feet for service or NVZ foot faults

    b. Accept your opponent’s and partner’s fault calls graciously.

    c. Admit if the ball hits you or your paddle on the way out of bounds.

5. Claim a replay only if a hinder affects your team’s ability to play the ball.

6. In social play, rotate on and off courts fairly, courteously, and in accordance with local practice.

    a. Don’t jump ahead of others who are waiting to play.

    b. Don’t invite someone else forward in line or rearrange paddles so they can move up to                play with you; move yourself back instead.

    c. Don’t call a lower score or start a second game to avoid leaving the court.

    d. Be prepared to play when it is your turn.

    e. If you must cross over or behind an active court, wait until play is stopped and cross                    quickly in a single group to minimize disruption of that game.

7. Make safety a priority, while using common sense.

    a. If a ball strays onto your court, make eye contact with the correct person and roll or toss it          back to them without disrupting play on other courts.

    b. If your ball enters another court, immediately warn any players whose safety may be in                jeopardy by loudly calling “ball” or some other warning. If the ball is rolling behind their                court and does not present a danger to players, do not interrupt play, but wait until play                stops to retrieve it or ask for its return.

    c. Never throw your paddle or strike the ball in anger or frustration.

8. As a stronger player in social play, be kind to other players.

    a. Avoid hitting excessively to a weaker player.

    b. Do not slam the ball directly at other players.

9. Be considerate about playing up and playing down.

    a. Be willing to play sometimes with less-skilled players.

    b. Do not demand to play with more skilled players; ask them nicely if you wish to play with            them.

10. Be a respectful and supportive partner.

    a. Avoid criticism and negative non-verbal communications.

    b. Provide coaching and advice only when requested.


Jeff Conradi – District Ambassador

Robert David – Ambassador

Jean Dicesare - Ambassador

Brent Hall – District Ambassador

Linda Koetting - Ambassador

Craig Laughlin – Pickleball Magazine Columnist

Cindy Lawton – Ambassador

Steve Loranger – Ambassador

Scott Nicastro – Ambassador

Dick Osman – District Ambassador, Certified Referee, Chairman

Nancy Sutton – District Ambassador

Christine Wantuck – District Ambassador, Level 2 Referee



Saturday, August 14, 2021



Congratulations to Pat & Shireen Kolarik for passing their IPTPA 4.0 skills test. Remember that you can take the test right here in QC through our IPTPA certified raters.  If you are interested, please email the individuals below.  If you have any questions, please click here for a FAQ section.  For the IPTPA skills rating assessment, click here.

2.5 - 3.5 Raters
Bill Vollink:
Jean Bustard:

4.0 or 4.5 Rater
Sharon Kolarik:

Player Development Director 

Search for 2021/2022 Season

At the October 2020 board meeting, a possible new organization for the QCPC player development program that included a contract Player Development (PD) Director (Director) was discussed.

For the upcoming 2021/2022 season we will most likely outgrow or severely stress our very successful volunteer-based program because of projected growth in membership from new homes & popularity of the sport. A solution to maintain our goal of offering quality, consistent PD activities is to have a dedicated Director work for the club. This part-time person would pick up certain offerings which would reduce the number of volunteer hours needed but would not eliminate the need for many volunteers.

With the 2021/2022 season just around the corner it is time to advertise for this position and this announcement is first going to QCPC members.

To see the job description, click “HERE”.

Interviews will include an on-court teaching demonstration. To be considered, applicants will need a teaching certification from a recognized pickleball organization such as USA Pickleball, IPTPA or Pickleball Coaching International and hold liability insurance at levels required by Quail Creek POA contract.

If this position is filled it will have no impact on the approved QCPC budgets. In the 2019/2020 shortened season there were 570 volunteer slots between October and early March. We estimate that if we had a PD Director during that period, we still would have needed to fill 350 volunteer slots. Having a director will reduce the load on QCPC members who have been so generous volunteering their time in the past.

If we are successful filling this position, we hope to expand club offerings, including mentor play, play critique, and “level-up” sessions. A request for volunteers will go out to club members in September.

If you have questions about what a volunteer coach or assistant coach does, please contact Jean Bustard at