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QCPC has more members playing more often than ever before. Your QCPC Board tries to satisfy the needs and wishes of QCPC members for different playing options, skill-development opportunities, recreational play, social events, organized team play, and court time.  It’s tricky, since beginners, experts, competitive players, and social players have different goals and needs.  With 16 courts, a maximum of only 64 of our 539 members can play at any one time.  To say the least, accommodating everyone’s wishes presents a major challenge.

So, what does the QCPC Board do?  We listen to feedback from all corners of the Club.  We try to put ourselves in the shoes of all types of QCPC members.  We think about what’s needed for the Club to provide satisfying pickleball play to members with diverse needs and interests.  When some members’ needs are at odds with others’, the QCPC Board tries to strike a fair balance.   As circumstances change, Club policies evolve. 

With the above in mind—and after careful consideration—the QCPC Board revised the Club’s guest policy, effective October 7th, in order to prioritize member play during Prime Time and significantly reduce the number of outside guests overall:

Outside Guest Ratios: QC residents may reserve courts and play with invited “outside guests,” subject to the limits below. “Outside guests” are guests who reside outside of QC who are not in-house guests.

  1. Prime Time:  No more than one outside guest per playing group.
  2. Non-Prime Time:  No more than three outside guests per QC resident in a playing group.
    1. Exception:  If one or more QC residents in a playing group have an official IPTPA or USA Pickleball (UTPR) rating of 4.5 or higher, up to four guests for each such QC resident are permitted.                                     1. IPTPA and USAP ratings will be applied in the same manner as they  apply to QCPC Skill-Level Play.
  1. The minimum number of QC residents must be present at all times, but it is not necessary to have a QC resident on every court at all times.


What is the practical effect of this change?  During Prime Time, private play groups, whether on one and two courts, will never have more than one outside guest (previously four guests were allowed per QC resident).  As a result, nearly all guest play will occur during less busy, Non-Prime Time hours. During Non-Prime Time hours, the ratio of guests to QC residents is reduced from four-to-one to three-to-one in most circumstances.


Why is there an exception for 4.5 and 5.0 members during Non-Prime Time?  Currently, QCPC has only four players with 4.5 or 5.0 national ratings: one 5.0 woman, one 4.5 male, and two 4.5 women.  There are simply not enough QC players for a mixed or same gender foursome of same-skill-rated players without guests.  These members cannot practice in QC for tournaments without inviting other high-skill players and teams.  Under the revised policy, these players will not be able to invite multiple guests of the same rating during Prime Time.  Yet these members, also deserve reasonable play and competitive practice opportunities in QC.  To do so, they need a little more latitude to bring in enough similar high skill-rated players to create a round robin.  Therefore, the Board determined that they should be allowed up to four outside guests per rated 4.5 or 5.0 QC resident, but only during Non-Prime Time hours. 


Does this change affect in-house guests?  No.  You can still bring your visiting family and friends down to play anytime.  The maximum number of such guests is four for each QC resident in a reservation group. 

You can read the entire Policy and Procedures Manual HERE



2.5 Drills 12:30PM - 1:45PM

3.0 Drills 2:00PM - 3:15PM

3.5 Drills 3:30PM - 4:45PM


Drop-In Play

Every Day!


Beginning on Wednesday, October 12th, drop-in play is available every morning during Prime Time hours.  No sign-up is needed.  This is fun, recreational play and a great way to meet other Club members.  All skill levels are welcome. 


Here is the current drop-in play schedule:


        Morning Open Play: Monday through Saturday, 8-10 AM (courts 9-12)


        Evening Open Play: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, 6-8 PM (courts 9-12)


        Community Play: Sundays, 8 AM – 10 AM (courts 9-12)


Use the “paddle saddle” mounted on the fence near the court gate in order to smoothly rotate players onto the courts.  See the instructions posted by the paddle saddle.



The Policy and Procedures Manual
was updated by the QCPC Board of Directors
 on October 5th

The changes that were made are as follows:


QC residents are welcome 

to bring their dogs to the QC pickleball facility

 in accordance with QC POA and QCPC rules:

  1. Dogs are not allowed on pickleball courts.
  2. Dogs must be on a leash or otherwise appropriately restrained.
  3. The owner/custodian must accompany the dog at all times.  It is not sufficient for dogs to be leashed to a bench, fence, etc. while the owner is playing pickleball.
  4. The owner/custodian must promptly clean up all solid waste deposited by his/her dog.