Saturday, June 11, 2022




from Doug Christy

Greetings Quail Creek Pickleball Club Members

I'm on the Pickleball Committee helping to organize a major sanctioned event in Green Valley Friday, December 9th thru Sunday, December 11th. My primary responsibility on this committee is to contact leaders of Pickleball Clubs and organizations in Southern Arizona to present an opportunity not only to participate in this major sanctioned tournament, but also a very easy way to make money for their club or to offer this opportunity to their members. As the Membership Director for our Quail Creek Pickleball Club the board has authorized me to offer this sponsorship incentive to our individual members with absolutely no obligation to participate. To that end, there are two opportunities I'd like to share with you.

First, encouraging you to participate in this sanctioned event December 9th through December 11th at the Kent J Blumenthal Pickleball Complex in Green Valley, AZ. The registration will be open within the month and I’ll make that available through our newsletter. This 1st -time event serves as a fund-raising activity for two not-for-profit organizations (Green Valley Recreation Foundation and Greater Green Valley Community Foundation) that distributes grants for local non-profits in the AZ19 corridor which includes the Green Valley & Sahuarita communities. This event is planned to attract over 500 tournament players. See the flyer (PB - Event Flyer) for that event which contains the pertinent information HERE

Second, if you refer a sponsor you personally will be awarded a significant percentage of that sponsorship – up to 40%. The sooner your sponsor signs up, the more advertising time they receive until the tournament. See the tiered incentive agreement (PB - Incentive Agreement) HERE and the benefits of becoming a sponsor flyer (PB - Sponsor Benefits) HERE. The below 4 steps is all you need to know to be awarded commission from the sponsor/s you refer.

1.Use our list for business contacts – Our list of potential sponsors is contained in the attached PB - Incentive Agreement. Sponsors do NOT have to be on this list. Any individual or business you know who wishes to sponsor will be gladly accepted.
2.Sponsorship levels – This is the 'what's in it for me' program that your referrals may need contained in the attached PB - Sponsors Benefits. It is self-explanatory as to the benefits ranging from a $2,000 sponsorship down to a $250 sponsorship.
3.Contact me (Doug) - Inform me via email with pertinent contact information (business name, contact name, email, phone number, dollar amount). I will send out a sponsorship agreement to your contact to finalize the transaction.
4.End date / Payout to You – When the sponsorship program ends, we’ll add up the total dollar amount from your referrals who have signed a contract and send a check your way dependent upon which tier level your combined sponsors achieved.

Any questions about anything above, feel free to contact me directly at:
Email:, Phone: (520) 301-1516



Court Cleaning Schedule

These Pickleball courts will be closed for cleaning
 on the following dates and times. 

July 7th Courts 1-4 from 9 - 11am
July 14th Courts 5-8 from 9 - 11am
July 21th Courts 9-12 from 9 am to 11am
July 28th Courts 13-16 from 9 am to 11am