Saturday, July 23, 2022


 After serving the QCPC for many years as the President,
 and starting the entire Player Development program,
 Jean Bustard will be stepping down at the end of the year.

  The QCPC owes
 a great deal of gratitude
for Jean's immense accomplishments
 during her time in the Leadership of the QCPC.

  Jean will continue to be an active member
 of our Club
 and will assist the new
Player Development Chairperson with her knowledge. 


This is a volunteer position that will begin in January.
 We are interviewing now so that Jean may assist in the transition.
If you are interested in this position or have questions,
  please contact Jean Bustard (
 or Steve Shapiro (

QCPC Player Development Chairperson

Job Description

Position Summary:

·       Identify appropriate developmental needs and opportunities for QCPC members taking into account membership size, distribution of skill levels and available resources such as budget, instructors, volunteers and court availability. 

·       Plan, organize, coordinate and evaluate QCPC learning activities.

·       This is a QCPC Board position appointed by the QCPC President for a one-year term.


Resources available:

·       Written long- and short-term developmental plans

·       Existing successful player development activities

·       Written lesson plans from beginner to 4.0 skill levels

·       Existing compensated instructor

·       Pool of enthusiastic volunteer instructors and assistants

·       Availability of professional, traveling instructors

·       New software to efficiently organize and promote Player Development activities

·       Teaching aids including ball machine, ball baskets with balls, target dots and more.

·       Approved annual funding to support Player Development activities



·       Offer player development activities led by a combination of contracted and volunteer instructors (this position does not require chairperson to teach classes)

·       Manage and support contracted and volunteer instructors

·       When necessary, recruit paid and volunteer instructors

·       Promote classes and drills via QCPC-approved software and coordination with the QCPC Communications Chairperson (QCPC newsletter, Facebook page, bulletin boards, etc.)

·       Develop annual Player Development budget for approval by the QCPC Board of Directors

·       Implement activities and purchases with respect to approved budget

·       Prepare monthly reports for QCPC Board of Directors, including identifying offerings, tracking participation and analyzing success and/or areas needing improvement


Time commitment:

During season (October thru April):  Average 7-10 hours per week with low of 2 and high of 16 hours per week depending on Club activities and personnel decisions (regarding instructors and volunteers)


Examples of ideal qualities:

·       Experience managing people and small projects

·       Experience teaching classes or training at schools, businesses or community programs

·       Passion for helping Club members of all levels learn the game of pickleball

·       Friendly and positive attitude

·       Willingness to work toward establishing QCPC as a premier pickleball club, in part by                developing and maintaining a successful QCPC Player Development program 


Greetings club members! Hope your summer is going well. I know many of us have been involved with vacations and visitors during this time of year and along with hotter days, just haven’t had a lot of time to visit the courts and keep in “pickleball” shape.

However, don’t despair! I’ll be starting up a month of morning refresher classes for 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 player levels starting August 1st. These one-hour sessions will focus on sharpening your skills prior to the start of the Fall season of classes and also get you ready for all those snowbird players returning. Sign up instructions coming soon. See you on the courts!

  • Mondays (Aug.1, 8, 15, 22, 29), 2.5 level classes offered at 7am and 8am - $10 per person cost
  • Tuesdays (Aug. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30), 3.0 level classes offered at 7am and 8am - $10 per person cost
  • Wednesdays (Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31), 3.5 level classes offered at 7am and 8am - $10 per person cost
Sign ups will start 7 days prior at 10AM on



A "tab" will be highlighted in this
 and upcoming newsletters. 

The QCPC has switched over to for all of our Court Scheduling and Events.  Additionally, the new software offers many extras. This week we will review the "Docs" tab when you are logged in.

The "Docs" tab contains all important documents for the QCPC:
  • QCPC By-laws
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Board Minutes
  • Member Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer Reports
  • Expense Reimbursement forms
They will also list other documents that will change throughout the year.


Consult the online reservation system before heading down to the courts.

  • Thursday, August 4th 9 am Courts 1 - 4
  • Thursday, August 11th 9 am Courts 5 - 8
  • Thursday, August 18th 9 am Courts 9 - 12
  • Thursday, August 25th 9 am courts 13-16

Thank you Lenny Friedman