Saturday, August 6, 2022

 QCPC Scheduled Play Chairperson

The Scheduled Play Chairperson
 coordinates Open Play, Challenge Courts,
 Community Play, Wednesday Club Round Robin,
 Organized Play Round Robins, Skill-Level Play,
 QCPC League, QCPC-only tournaments and similar events.

 Dave Mungo has been successfully
 coordinating these activities
 for the club for quite a while and is passing this on to

who assumed this volunteer position on August 1st.

Going forward please contact Madelyn at
if you have questions about Scheduled Play activities
 or if you have an idea for a new activity to be considered! 

 The club grows
 when all members are contributing
 to the success and evolution of QCPC!

 to all the representatives
 who currently volunteer to run Scheduled Play events!
 Madelyn will get in touch with you soon.




When you see David on the court,
 please thank him
and when you see Madelyn,
 please welcome her to this position.

Court Reservations

Have you ever wondered what determines the time the courts can be reserved? As all members know, the court reservation system becomes active 7 days in advance at 9 pm Arizona Time.

The event registrations and court reservations are linked to the Amazon server that hosts the application.  The time coming off the server is always very accurate.  Amazon uses NPT, which uses a fleet of satellite-connected and atomic reference clocks. 

Concerning the display that shows the time remaining before the reservations are open (noted by red box area).  A person can set their clock ahead and the display will show a lesser time to wait than someone with the correct time.  But if they try to reserve prior to the defined time, they will be rejected by the server (no matter what their clock was set to).

Bottom Line:  All Court Reservations begin at 9 pm AZ time according to the Amazon Server, not what the countdown clock shows.

Questions about Pball.Plus software

The software is up and running and we have received several questions from Members. If you should have any questions or suggestions to improve the software, please email Steve Shapiro at

What do I do if I forget my password to

  • Get to the website 
  • At the login screen click on the link next to "forgot password".  
  • That will prompt you for your email
  • You will be emailed your password 
  • Log in like normal. If you want to update your password click on the "Update" tab and enter any 8-character password. Once that is updated, be sure to click on the green "update" button at the bottom of the page to save the new password. 
What are the different "Centers"?

The "Centers" for the software are defined as different locations. The QCPC has described the "Centers" as the Pickleball Courts, Pickleball Machine, and the Ramada. The new courts will become another "Center" when they are scheduled. As a member, you may schedule court usage or the Pickleball machine by using the drop-down menu to choose the "Center" you would like to reserve. Currently, the Ramada is only scheduled through the POA for QC resident usage, or by the QCPC for Club events.


The 1st meeting of the QCPC Planning Committee was held this week.
 The objective of this committee is to create a draft plan
 integrating the new 16-court pickleball facility into our current infrastructure
 that will fulfill the vision for our club.

 This plan will be presented to the QCPC Board for approval.
 Doug Christy is the facilitator of the committee.
 Doug is a professionally certified business coach who owns Pro/Vision Coaching.
 The members of the committee who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for our game are:

Don Armour / Jennifer Corbin / Tom Dean
Roxanne Housely / Judy Lyle / Karen Morse / Joy Richardson

Jean Bustard serves as the Board liaison for this committee
bringing a wealth of institutional knowledge
from her past role as President and current role as Player Development.

Each member is taking on a primary Goal
 that reinforces our Vision Statement of

“Strive to be a premier pickleball club
for our members by providing a culture of …
camaraderie and sportsmanship
through fun and healthful activities
and opportunities for player development
… in a best-in-class facility

The draft of major Goals developed during this session that will be further developed in future sessions and presented to the Board by the member are:

Sportsmanship / Construction / Camaraderie-Socials 
 Balanced Play / Healthful Activities /
 Fund Raising / Player Development

The next meeting is in August,
 with another in September,
 before reporting to the Board shortly thereafter
 to seek direction for implementation on these Goals by year’s end.



The QCPC has switched over to
 for all of our Court Scheduling and Events.

 Additionally, the new software offers many extras.
 This week we will review the "Members" tab when you are logged in

This tab displays the members of the club. The member's name, image, birth month, gender, and rating are displayed in the table.

The ‘filter by’ fields at the top of the page allows for searching by
 name, gender, and rating.
 Click the ‘Clear filters’ button to refresh the list of the entire membership.

Suggested uses:

When you are playing in a group
 and would like to get in touch with another member but,
you couldn't remember all of their contact information

If you aren't rated and are playing in a group
 and were wondering if any of the other members were rated.

For this to display some/all of your contact information,
 click on the "Update" tab, and please make sure the following is unchecked.

*hide address
*hide home phone
*hide cell phone