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Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth Cornell

The backbone of QCPC are volunteers, and without them, we would not exist. We are always in need of more volunteers, as there are many different opportunities to volunteer. 

Volunteer Positions

If you would like to help by volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Form. It will be automatically sent to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Form

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Volunteer Spotlight
2.0 Drills

In 2018, Kathy Vollink was asked to develop and lead drills for beginning pickleball players. She researched USAP and IPTPA lessons and used her experiences from tournaments and professional clinics to create a program. Over the years, Kathy has refined the lessons to teach the many skills needed to play pickleball safely and successfully.

Karen Conner and Phil Brule joined Kathy as instructors. As the club has grown (currently to nearly 700 members) they have added many more volunteer instructors. In 2018, the team taught about 30 students. From January 2022 through April 2023 they had 337 students, including 38 summer students. Kathy and her team also had to contend with 7 weather cancellations, which affected 99 people. But they reorganized lessons to make sure students were able to take the different lessons.

After taking the Introduction to Pickleball class offered by Jean Bustard, student names are forwarded to Kathy. Once they join the pickleball club, they may sign up for the 2.0 Drills. The students go through 6 basic lessons covering different skills, including serves, returns, drop shots, punch and block (reset) shots, dinking, overheads, and lobs.

The instructors stress safety and correct footwork, and they explain basic rules and the strategies behind different shots. Kathy and Karen also try to tailor the lessons to different abilities and medical conditions. During the lessons, students play games using what is learned. By the end, they are playing the game of pickleball.

As students progress, Kathy and her team recommend they practice before the next drill session. The instructors have found that students who practice tend to progress through the lessons more quickly. After completing the 2.0 Drills the students are encouraged to attend Assisted Play. They can also take the Quail Creek 2.0 test, which is based on the IPTPA rating system.

Behind the scenes Kathy and Karen make notes to help each other and the Assisted Play instructors, identifying those who need help with specific skills. Kathy also tracks how many students they have each month, which lessons they have taken, and how many lessons have been given each month. If there are cancelations, she records how many people are affected. These statistics are reported to the QCPC board each month.


Kathy and her team of volunteers do an amazing job helping beginners

develop skills and knowledge to safely and successfully play pickleball.

The 2.0 Drills are a great asset to the Quail Creek Pickleball Club and its members.



Back row: Bobbi Jo Blythe, Dick Neustaedter, Pat and Shireen Kolarik, Stu Nelson, Tom Lamoureux, Bob Girouard

Front row: Karen Conner, Madelyn Witt, Phil Brule, Kathy Vollink, Frank Maier, Rose Belhumeur, Nancy Katzberg

Not pictured: Eldon Housley, Owen Decker, Joyce Butler, Hugh Spiegel


Volunteer Spotlight
Court Maintenance Team

Dave Thomas, John Lehman, Pat Kolarik

3 times a week (Tue, Thur, Sat) this great group of guys:

Pick up balls hit out over fences













Fill the ball tubes                                                         





Measure the nets for correct height


Check the windsocks and

adjust and replace as needed



Provide brooms

and squeegees

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