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QCPC Board 2022
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President and Ambassador

Steve Shapiro 


As the President of the QCPC, I preside over all Membership and Board meetings. The President appoints, with Board approval, the Committee Chairpersons. I am also responsible for issuing guidelines and rules for club activities when there are safety concerns or other requirements not covered by the By-Laws. The President also selects two Members to form the Audit Committee which audits the financial records for the QCPC for the prior year. The President and all elected officers serve for a two-year term and may not be elected for more than 2 consecutive terms in the office that they were elected.

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Vice President and Ambassador

David Mungo


I was lucky to arrive in Quail Creek in 2013 when the pickleball courts first opened. It’s been so much fun to watch QCPC and the sport of pickleball grow. We’ve come a long way, and the next few years promise to be even better! I have served as Vice President since 2018. I assist the QCPC President and Board with various tasks such as capital improvement projects, operational oversight, and drafting correspondence and QCPC documents. I was also Scheduled Play Chairperson from 2018 through 2022 with responsibility for Open Play, various club-sponsored round robins, the 2022 Members-Only Tournament, and the QCPC Summer League.



Tina Davis


As Secretary of the Board, I attend all membership and board meetings. I prepare the notes from all the meetings and send to all the other board members once finalized along with all the reports from each meeting. I also schedule the rooms for all the meetings and ensure they are set up accordingly. I maintain a master copy of all meeting notes and reports and any other necessary paperwork both digitally and hard copy. (I am also a member of the Social Committee.)



Nancy Katzberg​


I maintain the financial records for the Club using the Quickbooks accounting software. I insure that dues revenue reflected in our membership is in agreement with deposits reflected in the bank records. I process all expenditure requests insuring that Club’s by-laws. policies and procedures relating to financial matters are complied with. Annual budgets are prepared for adoption, and financial statements are provided to the Board and Membership on a regular basis.


Player Development Chair

Jean Bustard​


The goal of the Player Development program is to offer learning activities to members of all skill levels in a fun and supportive environment. To do this the program depends on its many, enthusiastic volunteers and some contracted instructors. My role is to identify learning activities, find people to lead and assist and make these activities available to club members. New players can contact me for an Intro class and beginner classes. QCPC offers ratings as a member of the International Pickleball Teachers Professional Association (IPTPA).

Membership Chair

Doug Christy


As Membership Chair for our club my primary responsibility is to ensure that those seeking membership are successful in the application process through our website, or manually entered if needed. Once they are officially a member, I make sure they are rated accurately through either the USAPA or IPTPA and then connect them to an ambassador within the first couple days to ensure they are warmly greeted and comfortably integrated into our club. I take care of administrative duties such as waivers, ball machine trainings and all else our President sends my way.


Communications Chair 

Candace (Candy) Plumlee​


I publish the weekly newsletter, maintain the club website and information displayed at the courts, supply local media with news events, monitor incoming and write most outgoing club emails, and assist in publishing information about events. 

Scheduled Play Chair

Madelyn Witt​


I coordinate Open Play, Challenge Courts, Community Play, Wednesday Club Round Robin, Organized Play Round Robins, Skill Level Play, QCPC League, QCPC-only tournaments and similar events.


Court Maintenance Chair

David Thomas

My position within the Quail Creek Pickleball Club is the Lead for Court Maintenance. I am responsible for establishing, implementing, and maintaining the court maintenance budget. (Almost $3000 just for balls alone this year). Our excellent team this year includes Pat Kolarik and Brian Liekhus. We are responsible for supplying balls, windsocks and poles, brooms, squeegees, and other miscellaneous items. Two to three times per week, we fill the ball tubes, check net heights, pick up stray balls, adjust windsocks, and other tasks as needed.

Social Committee Chair

Roxanne Housley

The QCPC Social Chair plans, organizes and implements socials. With the help of a dedicated committee, most of the planning takes place via email. Committee members help with decorations, set up and take down for every event. Other assignments are given out based on individual’s interests such as shopping for prizes, helping with registration, etc. In addition, committee members often decorate the courts and provide treats throughout the year that are not centered around a particular social. Our purpose is to connect with our members by planning fun events and unexpected activities.


Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth Cornell


The Volunteer Coordinator organizes all aspects of the many volunteer opportunities that QCPC offers to the members.  I assist the QCPC leaders by recruiting and overseeing the list of volunteers.  The volunteers are screened by their areas of interest, time availability, and experience.  When a QCPC leader needs a volunteer, I will work with the QCPC leader in identifying the correct volunteer for the job.