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Levels of Open Play

Novice (2.5) / Low Intermediate (3.0)

High Intermediate (3.5) / Advanced+ (4.0+)

Advanced (4.0) / Expert (4.5+) – Sundays only

Designated Open Play Courts

These change during the year, but are always shown on CourtReserve under Events.


This is to provide appropriate, enjoyable levels of play for all. Members choose which side is most suitable; ratings are not required.

Courts adjust based on player demand. Example: if there are fewer than eight players for the advanced courts, then four players with paddles stacked for the novice/intermediate courts can play on an open advanced court. Those players leave at the end of their game and again stack their paddles for the novice/intermediate courts. Players waiting for advanced courts are next on the open advanced court (unless there are still less than four). This court adjustment also applies if there are empty novice/intermediate courts and there are four or more players with paddles stacked for advanced courts.


Open Advanced/Expert

Based on demand, on Sundays the advanced/expert paddle saddle will be used for ‘Challenge Courts’. The only difference between Challenge Courts and other Open Play days is the winners stay on the court for a second game against the next two challengers. All players must rotate off the court after two games (win or lose), and challengers with the next four stacked paddles enter.

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