Membership Benefits/Application/Waiver Forms


Download Membership form Here:  Pickleball Membership Form 2021
Both Waiver Forms MUST BE SIGNED!

 Pickleball is often described as a mix of table tennis, tennis and badminton played on a mini tennis court with an over-sized paddle and ball similar to a whiffle ball….it is fast, fun, addictive and can be played by people of all ages and athletic abilities!
There is nothing more fun than getting on the court with players of similar ability…’s common to hear “I’ll play one more” and still hear it 5 games later!

Membership in QCPC:

  • provides loaner paddles for use by all residents of Quail Creek and their guests
  • provides balls on all courts
  • maintains a court reservation system
  • maintains a website to keep members informed
  • club news emailed to members
  • provides scheduled play for club members
  • provides beginner and intermediate lessons for club members, including loaner paddles
  • provides better quality loaner paddles on a short-term basis for our members
  • sponsors tournaments and social events for club members
  • court maintenance monitoring
  • maintains a reserve account for future enhancements and repairs to the facility
Associate Membership in QCPC

Associate Members are individuals who are visiting a Quail Creek resident or who are short-term renters.  Associate Membership is valid for 30 days after the dues are paid.  Dues are $12.50.  Associate Members may participate in all Club-sanctioned activities, including Club Open Play, socials, clinics, and lessons.  Associate Members are not voting members of QCPC.

Social Membership in QCPC - 

Social Members may attend all social events, but not play pickleball at those events.  Dues are $12.50 a year.  Use the membership form 2020 above to join as a Social Member of QCPC.  Please contact our Membership Chairperson concerning this Membership.