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Scheduled Play Updates


2023 Fall Program (Organized and Skill-Level Play, Open Play, Wed. Club Round Robin, and Quail Creek Community Play) revised due to Prime Time change.


Prime Time will change starting Sunday October 1st to 8AM.


Organized and Skill-Level Play will move outside of Prime Time starting October 1st. The new play times will be 10AM to Noon (see below). As always, these events require Sign-up on Pickleball Plus. You may only play in 1 morning event per week.

Open Play, Wed. Club Round Robin and QC Community Play will continue to be available during Prime Time (see below).


Pickleball Plus will be updated in time for the signups starting September 24th.


Thank your coordinators for their efforts running your events.

They continue to make this program successful!!


Peggy Swan, Joyce Butler, Susie Eckhardt, Tricia Kordalski,

Lenny Friedman, Lorelei Croft, Steve Comito, Wanda Staab,

Lee Staab, Rachael Cusick, Jan Allen, Tom Dean


Any club member may petition the Board to approve additional Scheduled Play. If you are interested, please submit your petition to



Schedule – Effective October 1st, 2023


Open Play Novice (2.5) / Low Intermediate (3.0) (Members Only)

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 8-10 AM courts 9-12

Open Play High Intermediate (3.5) / Advanced+ (4.0+) (Members Only)

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 8-10 AM courts 7-8

Open Play Advanced (4.0) / Expert (4.5+) (Members Only)

Sunday 8-10 AM courts 5-6


QC Community Play All Levels (Open to Quail Creek Community)

Sunday 8-10AM courts 10-12


Club Round Robin All Levels (Members Only)

Wednesday 8-10 AM courts 7-12


Skill-Level 4.0+ Mixed RR

Mondays 10AM-Noon court 5


Organized Play 2.5 Mixed RR

Tuesdays 10AM-Noon court 5


75+ Organized Play Mixed RR

Wednesdays 10AM-Noon courts 5-6


Organized Play 3.5 Mixed RR

Wednesdays 6-8 PM courts 5-7


Organized Play 2.0 Mixed RR

Thursdays 10AM-Noon court 5


Organized Play 3.0 Mixed RR

Thursdays 6-8 PM courts 5-6


Organized Play 3.0 Mixed RR

Saturdays 10AM-Noon courts 5-8


Note: Court assignments can change based on participation.


Court Cleaning will change court location approximately once a month.


Please use to see the most up to date schedule on the Events Tab or the Courts Tab.


Detailed information for each event referenced can be found on the QCPickleball Website in the Scheduled Play Section as well as the Policy and Procedures Manual found under the Docs tab on the Pickleball Plus website.

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