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  • Sept. 23, 2023

    New Members! Scott Janetsky Jill Anderson Scheduled Play Updates 2023 Fall Program (Organized and Skill-Level Play, Open Play, Wed. Club Round Robin, and Quail Creek Community Play) revised due to Prime Time change. Prime Time will change starting Sunday October 1st to 8AM. · Organized and Skill-Level Play will move outside of Prime Time starting October 1st. The new play times will be 10AM to Noon (see below). As always, these events require Sign-up on Pickleball Plus. You may only play in 1 morning event per week. · Open Play, Wed. Club Round Robin and QC Community Play will continue to be available during Prime Time (see below). Pickleball Plus will be updated in time for the signups starting September 24th. Thank your coordinators for their efforts running your events. They continue to make this program successful!! Peggy Swan, Joyce Butler, Susie Eckhardt, Tricia Kordalski, Lenny Friedman, Lorelei Croft, Steve Comito, Wanda Staab, Lee Staab, Rachael Cusick, Jan Allen, Tom Dean Any club member may petition the Board to approve additional Scheduled Play. If you are interested, please submit your petition to Schedule – Effective October 1st, 2023 Open Play Novice/Intermediate (Members Only) Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 8-10 AM courts 9-12 Open Play Adv. Intermediate/Expert (Members Only) Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 8-10 AM court 8 Open Play Advanced/Expert (Members Only) Sunday 8-10 AM courts 5-6 QC Community Play All Levels (Open to Quail Creek Community Only) Sunday 8-10AM courts 10-12 Club Round Robin All Levels (Members Only) Wednesday 8-10 AM courts 7-12 Skill-Level 4.0+ Mixed RR Mondays 10AM-Noon court 5 Organized Play 2.5 Mixed RR Tuesdays 10AM-Noon court 5 75+ Organized Play Mixed RR Wednesdays 10AM-Noon courts 5-6 Organized Play 3.5 Mixed RR Wednesdays 6-8 PM courts 5-7 Organized Play 2.0 Mixed RR Thursdays 10AM-Noon court 5 Organized Play 3.0 Mixed RR Thursdays 6-8 PM courts 5-6 Organized Play 3.0 Mixed RR Saturdays 10AM-Noon courts 5-8 Note: Court assignments can change based on participation. Court Cleaning will change court location approximately once a month. Please use to see the most up to date schedule on the Events Tab or the Courts Tab. Detailed information for each event referenced can be found on the QCPickleball Website in the Scheduled Play Section as well as the Policy and Procedures Manual found under the Docs tab on the Pickleball Plus website. SEASON III GQ PICKLEBALL LESSONS AVAILABLE Starting Monday, Oct. 2nd, GQ PICKLEBALL will begin its third season of player development lessons for 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, & 3.5 player levels along with private lessons. There will be some new class offerings along with several planned “special guests” helping along the way. WHERE: Quail Creek Pickleball Courts CLASS SCHEDULE: 3.0 Level/Mondays, 2.0 Level/Tuesdays, 3.5 Level/Wednesdays, 2.5 Level/Thursdays, Private Lessons/Fridays TIMES: Two Classes Offered Per Level Daily (depending upon signups) – 10:15am to 11:45am & 12noon to 1:30pm COST: $10 for each 90-minute class (Private Lessons are $20 pp) MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE: Regular Lessons = 8 students / Private Lessons = 4 students CLASS LEVEL DESCRIPTION: 2.0 LEVEL = Student has passed QCPC BEGINNER LESSONS & new to the game. 2.5 LEVEL = Student has played less than 6 months & knows basic shots & rules. 3.0 LEVEL = Student has played for over 6 months & now has intermediate skills. 3.5 LEVEL = Student has played for over a year & now has upper intermediate skills. EQUIPMENT: Student must supply pickleball paddle, court shoes, sports clothing Instructor: Gary Quantz (pictured) – USA & PPR certified – has taught over 300 students since 2021 – conducts both regular and private lessons – has attended USA Pickleball training clinics and those taught by professionals Riley Newman (Newman’s Pickleball Camp) and Helle Sparre (Dynamite Doubles) – current IPTPA 4.0 rating. Round Robin Pickleball Tournament Saturday, October 28, 2023 11:00am Start Time 10:00am Check in time Tucson Racquet Club 4001 N. Country Club Road, Tucson Medal Play 3.5 & 4.0 Men - 6 teams each 3.5 & 4.0 Women - 6 teams each Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals Awarded Court side Lunch Buffet for Participants Entry Fee: $30 cash Pay at Registration Desk on Tournament Day To Register: Call or Text Ginny Taylor at 256-458-8476 or email at Sponsored by Aetna Medicare Solutions and Let's Talk Medicare Helpful Tips for Playing Tournaments

  • Sept 16, 2023

    Welcome New Members! Chand Zinda Dirk Ganser Shelly Kais Kelly Borelli James Borelli Roni Carrick Keli Williams “Q”-TIPS Insight from Gary Quantz – Quail Creek Pickleball Player Development Instructor (September 2023) One of the most common questions I get from students is “how do I get better at pickleball”? The solutions are different for each student. The important question you need to ask yourself is how seriously you want to be involved with the game. If you’re happy with only coming down occasionally to the courts and hitting the ball around with friends of similar level, your level of play will probably be around beginner to lower level. If you come down once or twice per week, then your game is probably going to be around a lower to higher intermediate level of play. There is no secret why our top-rated players are where they are. They play almost daily, drill and practice with other top-rated players and often compete against other teams from around the area and beyond. The question of “how do I get better” is determined on how much time and energy you want to devote to the game. If you’re happy where your level is, then continue to be happy. If not, below are my ‘Big 3’ ways to improve: 1. Skill: First, be honest where your game needs improvement. Identify what your specific shot weaknesses are (drop shots and dinking are common limitations for beginners to intermediate). 2. Fitness: For those wanting to really get involved with the game, is your fitness level where it should be? Improving your conditioning, balance, quickness, flexibility, and footwork will go a long way in improving your ability to get to the ball and hitting it correctly and consistently. 3. Strategy: Lastly, for those that do have good skills and athleticism but don’t know much about the strategies and tactics of pickleball, gaining more game experience and getting involved with round robins and league play will help expedite your knowledge. Our Quail Creek Pickleball Board has been very proactive in helping people of ALL levels gain experience and improve their game by offering lessons, drills, social get togethers along with local club collaborations with other pickleball organizations (such as GVR). I highly recommend for those wanting to get better, step out of your “comfort zone” and sign up and play outside our community when you get a chance and get involved with joint club play to gain experience in playing against people you don’t know and on different courts. We have also formed our own past QCPC league competitions where different levels form teams and play a league schedule. This will help you learn how to play in a more competitive atmosphere, gain confidence, learn how to game plan against opponents, and become a better doubles partner. Lastly, I along with volunteers are gearing up for another season of lessons and drills for you to pick and choose from. Please contact Michelle Skogland (our QCPC Player Development Chairperson) or me for more information on how you can improve your pickleball game. We’re here to help you! Gary Quantz – QCPC Player Development Instructor (206) 948-4457 Volunteer Spotlight 2.0 Drills In 2018, Kathy Vollink was asked to develop and lead drills for beginning pickleball players. She researched USAP and IPTPA lessons and used her experiences from tournaments and professional clinics to create a program. Over the years, Kathy has refined the lessons to teach the many skills needed to play pickleball safely and successfully. Karen Conner and Phil Brule joined Kathy as instructors. As the club has grown (currently to nearly 700 members) they have added many more volunteer instructors. In 2018, the team taught about 30 students. From January 2022 through April 2023 they had 337 students, including 38 summer students. Kathy and her team also had to contend with 7 weather cancellations, which affected 99 people. But they reorganized lessons to make sure students were able to take the different lessons. After taking the Introduction to Pickleball class offered by Jean Bustard, student names are forwarded to Kathy. Once they join the pickleball club, they may sign up for the 2.0 Drills. The students go through 6 basic lessons covering different skills, including serves, returns, drop shots, punch and block (reset) shots, dinking, overheads, and lobs. The instructors stress safety and correct footwork, and they explain basic rules and the strategies behind different shots. Kathy and Karen also try to tailor the lessons to different abilities and medical conditions. During the lessons, students play games using what is learned. By the end, they are playing the game of pickleball. As students progress, Kathy and her team recommend they practice before the next drill session. The instructors have found that students who practice tend to progress through the lessons more quickly. After completing the 2.0 Drills the students are encouraged to attend Assisted Play. They can also take the Quail Creek 2.0 test, which is based on the IPTPA rating system. Behind the scenes Kathy and Karen make notes to help each other and the Assisted Play instructors, identifying those who need help with specific skills. Kathy also tracks how many students they have each month, which lessons they have taken, and how many lessons have been given each month. If there are cancelations, she records how many people are affected. These statistics are reported to the QCPC board each month. Kathy and her team of volunteers do an amazing job helping beginners develop skills and knowledge to safely and successfully play pickleball. The 2.0 Drills are a great asset to the Quail Creek Pickleball Club and its members. Back row: Bobbi Jo Blythe, Dick Neustaedter, Pat and Shireen Kolarik, Stu Nelson, Tom Lamoureux, Bob Girouard Front row: Karen Conner, Madelyn Witt, Phil Brule, Kathy Vollink, Frank Maier, Rose Belhumeur, Nancy Katzberg Not pictured: Eldon Housley, Owen Decker, Joyce Butler, Hugh Spiegel The pickleball courts will be closed for cleaning on the following dates and times. Be sure to consult the online reservation system before heading down to the courts Thursday, October 5th, 10 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Courts 1–4 Thursday, October 12th, 10 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Courts 5–8 Thursday, October 19th, 10 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Courts 9–12 Thursday, October 26th, 10 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Courts 13–16

  • Sep 9, 2023

    Welcome New Members! Denise Schmitt Diane Durgin Andy Baracco Cindy Baracco Peter Miene Lauren Miene Assisted Play has been canceled for now. It will resume in October. SEASON III GQ PICKLEBALL CLASSES FOR FALL/WINTER It’s hard to believe I’ll soon be starting my third season as your Quail Creek Pickleball Player Development Instructor. I’ve met a lot of wonderful residents during these past two seasons and look forward to another season of helping any interested QCPC member learn more about the game and improve their pickleball skills and strategy. I officially start classes in October and the 2023/2024 season will run thru March. If interest is high during April thru July, I will again offer a 2024 Spring/Summer season as well. My teaching schedule will be posted soon on Pickleball Plus. Although my availability will be limited this month, for those interested in private lessons now, please contact me at (206) 948-4457 or Although tactics and strategies are ever changing, I feel the basics of this game are more important than ever. My plan for each 90-minute class is to introduce a specific skill or game strategy, drill and practice that skill or strategy, and allow time left over for scrimmaging. I adjust the tempo and difficulty of instruction according to each skill level class and will again be teaching the following levels: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5. I’m USA Pickleball and PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) certified and have now taught over 300 residents in Quail Creek. I also teach beginner classes for Sahuarita Parks Department and have attended past clinics taught by pro players including Riley Newman and Helle Sparre. I keep myself up to date with the latest trends in pickleball by subscribing and reviewing video teaching clinics and seminars provided by USA Pickleball, Prime Time Pickleball, Selkirk TV, The Pickleball Channel, Pickleball Magazine and many more. I want to personally thank every one of you that have attended one of my past regular and/or private classes. I truly appreciate those that want to learn and continue to get better. It’s been a lot of fun and it is my hope you are progressing as a player and starting to gain more knowledge of how the game is played. THANK YOU AND SEE YOU ON THE COURT! GQ Pickleball QCPC Board Meeting 2:00 pm, Tuesday, September 19th Kino Conference Room Lenny has some competition as our primary ambassador to 'our world'. David and Merry Mungo are taking it to another level - down under. Dave and Merry Mungo have become Pickleball Ambassadors on their vacation in Australia, near Brisbane. Currently, there are approximately 36.5 million pickleball players in the USA, with about 10,320 locations to play at the end of 2022. In July 2023, there were about 25,000 players in Australia, with 70 Clubs and Associations. Pickleball Major League by SNAP Introducing a TEAM based mixed play format modeled after Major League Pickleball (MLP). These classes/events are designed for the 3.5, 4.0+ men and women desiring a fun and competitive edge to their pickleball game and want to use rally scoring. Also, for those interested in how to develop, manage, and coach a team, there will be instruction and guidance. Week 1: Teams will be assigned by random and will consist of 6 players (3 ladies / 3 men). Teams will choose a captain, a team name, practice, and receive team line-up strategies. The rules and play logistics will be presented to the teams and questions answered. Weeks 2-4: Each team will play against one opponent team using the MLP format. Fees & Schedule Location: GVR PBC Instructor: Kathy Palese Member: $60 / Non-member $70 Four weeks, Sundays Time: 1:30-4:00 Fall Schedule: October 1, 8, 15, 22 (3.5 rated players) October 29, November 5, 12,19 (4.0+ rated players Winter Schedule: January 7, 14, 21,28 (4.0+ rated players) February 4, 11, 18, 25 (3.5 rated players) March 3, 10, 17, 24 (4.0+ rated players) Pickleball Major League by SNAP will allow minimum of 24 (12 ladies, 12 men) maximum 48 (24 ladies, 24 men) Non-GVR members registration begins 2 weeks prior to class start date. You may register by calling East Center at 520–625-4641. They will accept visa and master card payments. For the October MLB 3.5 class/event registration will be begin September 16, 2023. Class number 8047 Start date is Sunday, Oct 1 and ends Sunday, Oct 22. Please arrive at the GVR 24 Court Complex by 1:15 to check in. Class starts at 1:30 and ends at 4:00. For the November MLB 4.0+ class/event registration will begin October 16, 2023. Class number 8048 Start date is Sunday, Oct 29 and ends Sunday, Nov 19. Please arrive at the GVR 24 Court Complex by 1:15 to check in. Class starts at 1:30 and ends at 4:00. Contact Kathy Palese at 319-504-6254 for more details.

  • Sep 2, 2023

    Court Updates (New and Old) The New Courts have the following going on this week: Post-tension frames are in place for several of the new courts Electricians working on the entire project Existing Courts: The remaining old nets on the courts will be replaced in mid-September All of the lights are now working on all of the courts Parking Issues With the removal of two parking spots, there are mornings when there are no places available for vehicles. Individual golf carts are sometimes taking up one vehicle spot when they could have double-parked behind another cart. Just a reminder that if you drive your golf cart, please try to double up and either leave your keys in the cart or a note indicating which court you are playing on. If you drive your car to the pickleball courts, please park in any area except in front of courts 9–12. That area is designated for golf carts. In that parking area, golf carts can double park. Unless the car parking areas are completely full, cars should refrain from using the lined golf cart slots in front of courts 9–12. Thank you for your consideration! Round Robin Sheets for Mixed Play Link on the QCPC Website Other Resources Page Summer Assisted Play Starting August 25, 7-9 AM Signup started August 11th on Pickleball Plus Events Calendar Assisted play is for beginners who have attended skills classes OR have basic playing experience but still need assistance. The members play games while a mentor watches and instructs. This summer assisted play should be for players who have not attended assistant play before. We will also be starting a Fall and Winter assisted play. Summer League Results Summer League has wrapped up after experiencing quite a bit of extreme heat, lightning and rain. Thank you to all participants for their patience during the league. Congratulations to the winning teams: 3.0 League – Slam Dinker’s Captains – Jan Allen and Jim Lubinski Members – Brigitte Dargis, Dusty Friedman, Gloria Bible and Wally Guse 3.5/4.0 League – Stinky Dinks Captains – Gary Quantz and John Lehman Members – Fred Baum, Glenda Tedrow, Lenny Friedman, Mike Arnold and Sandy Veydt Thank you to the Summer League Committee members (Doug Moore, Joanna Miller, Rachael Cusick, Kim Burns, Sondra Walsh, Jeannie Henry, Dave Mungo, John Lehman, Madelyn Witt) EXTRA thanks to our scorekeepers Sondra Walsh and Jeannie Henry We sincerely hope that all participants enjoyed their time in the Summer League. Looking ahead, we are excited about the upcoming QCPC Winter League and encourage our members to consider joining. We will be looking for Committee members later this Fall, please consider volunteering. And last, but definitely not least, a HUGE thank you to QCPC President Steve Shapiro and QCPC Treasurer Nancy Katzberg for their many years of volunteer service! Under their guidance QCPC has organized and advanced into a premier pickleball club! And a HUGE welcome to our new QCPC President Doug Christy and QCPC Treasurer Paul Hackbert! Thank you for stepping up and stepping in! We have so much to look forward to with you and all our club volunteers!

  • Aug 26, 2023

    New Members Danny Lobato Sherry Royer Do you have the skills? The software developer for PickleballPlus is looking for someone who is an iOS developer and has experience generating installation packages on MAC computers. Pickleballplus is developing an app and would like to deal with someone from the local area with those skills. If so, please email Steve Shapiro at Summer Assisted Play Starting August 25, 7-9 AM Signup started August 11th on the Pickleball Plus Events Calendar Assisted play is for beginners who have attended skills classes OR have basic playing experience but still need assistance. The members play games while a mentor watches and instructs. This summer assisted play should be for players who have not attended assistant play before. We will also be starting a Fall and Winter assisted play. Lately, there has been some discussion on court reservations and the timing at 9 p.m. The following is from the software Developer: Device time synchronization involves individual devices, such as computers, smartphones, or networked equipment, synchronizing their internal clocks with a reference time source. This reference source could be a network time server, a GPS receiver, or even a manual adjustment made by a user. The goal is to ensure that all devices on a network have reasonably accurate and consistent time readings. On the last day, prior to 9 p.m., for your site, the time to go is based on the time on the local device. Most devices incorporate auto time synchronization, which involves using dedicated time servers that provide a single, accurate time reference to all devices connected to a network. These time servers themselves are synchronized with highly accurate time sources such as atomic clocks or GPS satellites. Devices on the network then query the time server to update their internal clocks. Devices have their own internal clocks and only sync with the time source occasionally. The internal clocks can drift over time. All the devices in the world could not sync time constantly. Users should check their device time against a reliable source: The Amazon server time, which is where the app is based, is about 200 milliseconds behind the source. The right column will show how far off the device's time is. The Official U.S. Time | NIST The National Institute of Standards and Technology - Time and Frequency Division maintains the standard for frequency and time interval for the United States, provides official time to the United States, and carries out a broad program of research and service activities in time and frequency metrology. The final arbitrator in the process is the server time. If the user sets their clock ahead the server will reject the transaction unless it is 9 p.m. server time. The database is transactional. Meaning that requests from various users come in and are queued. During a transaction, the user's updates are made and the database transaction is saved prior to the next request. Within the transaction, the database is checked to see if a court reservation has been made at that time at that center on that court for your club. If no reservation is found, the request is stored in the database. Now in the case where you see four courts open, say 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30 the app will show the four openings. You chose how many you want. So, let's say that another user requests the same court for 8, and they choose just that 8 o'clock slot and hit 'Make Reservation' before you. You will get 7, 7:30 and 8:30 slots. The screen will refresh, showing that result. Pickleball Painters Stripe Again Lenny's gang has taken over another school playground, painting 4 pickleball courts at Sahuarita Middle School on Wednesday, August 23rd. This fall, Lenny, with the help of volunteers, will be teaching 6th thru 8th grade students after school in Sahuarita Middle School, Wrightson Ridge, Continental Schools, and Cienega High School in Vail, AZ. If you are interested in volunteering, send your contact information to and state which after-school days you are available and teaching experience if any. If you are unable to volunteer, the after-school pickleball program is in need of used pickleball paddles. Contact Lenny at the above email address to donate paddles. Tax credit financial donations for the pickleball program to a school of your choice can be made at Please click on “other” and specify pickleball. The kids thank you for your support of the fastest growing sport. Pickleball Restaurant in Tucson! Tucson's first pickleball restaurant could be a downtown game-changer. Corbett's features five pickleball courts, a full-service restaurant, an outdoor live music stage and a beer garden. Read about it here:

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