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Application for QCPC Skill-Level Round Robin

Guidelines for QCPC Skill-Level Round Robins

QCPC encourages Skill-Level Round Robins. They assist player development and are great fun for Club members.

1. Experience has shown that the key to a successful Skill-Level Round Robin (SLRR) is ensuring that participants are playing at the proper skill level. Participants in SLRRs must:

a. hold the appropriate play-based skill rating from the USAP or IPTPA and this rating must be reflected on the QCPC Member List.

i. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that the QCPC Member List accurately reflects the member’s highest rating from the USAP (Tournament Player Rating for mixed, women’s, or men’s doubles) or the IPTPA.

2. The SLRR Representative is responsible for confirming each player’s eligibility for the SLRR. The SLRR Representative may rely on the QCPC Member List to determine QCPC member’s ratings.

a. It is expected that if a member’s on-court skill level declines by reason of age, chronic illness, or injury, he or she will voluntarily play in the SLRR that is commensurate with his or her then- current level of play.

3. SLRRs are primarily intended for Club members. Any eligible Club member may request to be included. Sign-ups will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

a. If there are not enough Club members at a particular skill level to practically conduct a round robin, non-QC guests may be invited. However, the number of guests must comply with the guest policy stated in the QCPC Policies and Procedures.

4. Players must sign up for each SLRR using (Events).

a. If there are insufficient players signed up to fill all reserved courts, one or more courts should be released at least 24 hours before scheduled play. 

This application will be automatically sent to the Scheduled Play Coordinator Madelyn Witt at 

Thanks for submitting!

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