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More About Gary and His Classes

As I enter my 3rd season as your Quail Creek Player Development Instructor, I’m committed to helping you become a better pickleball player by introducing FUN and easy to understand strategies and drills to improve your knowledge and play.


I’m USA Pickleball certified and continue to attend training clinics and classes to keep updated of the ever-evolving strategies, techniques, and trends in the fastest growing sport in the United States. My current IPTPA rating is 4.0.


For those players who have graduated from our Quail Creek beginning 2.0 level instructional classes, I teach the next four levels up including 2.0 graduates, 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5. I’ve taught over 300 different Quail Creek Pickleball members to date, with many taking multiple classes throughout the season. It’s a privilege to help many of you become better players and I look forward to getting on the court with you!

Lessons and Drills

Lessons plans are developed and introduced per week with adjustments made per class ability level. I’ve developed a revolving series of lessons and drills that include serving, return of serve, footwork, correct court positioning, drop shots, transition game, dinking, block/punch volleys, lob/defending the lob, groundstrokes, defending against “bangers”, common mistakes in pickleball, doubles strategy, overhead smash, IPTPA practice testing, (and many more).

A minimal weekly class fee is required, and many classes fill up every week. Signups are available one week in advance on a first come, first serve basis. Look for details and class updates on the CourtReserve home page, scrolling down to Current Events and Reminders. I’m also available for private lessons for up to four students wanting additional pickleball instruction outside a group setting. 

Private Pickleball Lessons Available

For club members wanting to improve their pickleball skills and gain valuable knowledge on winning game strategy or go through practice IPTPA level testing, my small, private class format will offer you a more direct, hands-on lesson (for up to four players.)

Cost is $20 per student for 90 minutes of lesson, drills, and practice scrimmages.

I'm USA/PPR Pickleball teacher certified and have now taught over 300 different students in Quail Creek since 2021.

If interested in booking a private lesson, please contact me

via email at or text (206) 948-4457. Private lessons are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

If less than four players are signed up for a private class, due to high demand, I could add another, similar level player(s) to the mix to accommodate more people and get more scrimmage play involved during the lesson.

Students must first pass the 2.0 QCPC Beginning Lesson classes offered by QCPC prior to signing up for any regular or private lesson classes.

Student Testimonials

To one heck of an awesome guy!!!  Thanks for your patience, your great tips, your joyful personality. I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed you and definitely learned a lot.

Theresa Lien

"Gary is our resident pro who offers classes from 2.0 to 3.5. He is a class act who enjoys getting to know you as a person while continuing your pickleball journey. You'll have fun while improving your game. I highly recommend his classes if you desire to continue and get better at pickleball."

Kathy Vollink

I've taken several classes from Gary over the last year and will continue to do so. He's taught me so much about the game, including how to play safely, skill development, spacing and strategy.  I always leave the lesson having learned a lot and he makes sure we have fun!

Diane Fischels

I really enjoyed Gary’s classes. It was a way to get into the game by learning not only the basics but strategy. You can tell he loves the game as well as teaching. I learned the two commandments about serving: get it in and get it deep. And the third commandment: you’ve got to play up to win. I’ll look forward to more from Gary next year.

Rich O’Day

“Gary’s classes are energetic, positive, and fun! He combines fundamentals with tactics to improve your skills. He is very welcoming to all, whether full-time or part-time players!”

Francie Wyatt

I thought your lessons were great from the stretching and warmups to the critiquing and incorporating the lesson into the game play at the end. Thanks for all your enthusiasm for the sport!

Kathy and Paul Mencke

“Both my husband and I have taken lessons together from Gary and he has taught us the strategy needed to be successful in playing the game. He does this by sharing his knowledge and demonstrating the skills so you can both visualize and execute the shots he is teaching. I don’t believe there is anyone more enthusiastic about teaching than Gary. He takes great pleasure in helping his students gain the confidence needed to become a better pickleball player.”

Marilyn and Steve Owen

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