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Player Development

Player Development Chair

Michelle Skoglund

The Quail Creek Pickleball Club offers its members lessons and drills for all levels.

Lessons and drill sessions are offered to QCPC members from October thru April. They are also offered off-season when coaches are available.

If you have questions about activities or

if you have an idea for an activity, contact

Michelle at

Intro to Pickleball

The Quail Creek Pickleball Club offers a two-part beginner lesson to club members free of charge. You will learn the fundamentals of pickleball in a fun, safe and relaxed environment.

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If you have questions contact

Tom Dean at

Description of Different Levels

What Level Am I?

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2.0 Drills​

New players or those looking to practice their basic skills and who are QCPC Members should attend 2.0 Drills.

Pickleball basics include proper footwork and basic shots; such as, serves, return of serves, drop shots, dinks, drives, overheads, punches, block shots and lobs. The strategies behind each shot, proper movement and communication with your partner will also be taught.

Sign up for ONLY ONE class per week.

If you sign up for Monday, DO NOT sign up for Wednesday or the Wednesday Waitlist. If you sign up for Wednesday, DO NOT sign up for Monday or the Monday Waitlist. Please be considerate and allow others the same opportunity to sign up for drills.

Players on the waitlist can come down either Monday or Wednesday, prior to start of class. If someone doesn't show up for a class, then we will allow them to take the open spot.


If you are unable to attend, delete your name so others on the waitlist can be moved into the class.


Remember your paddle, water bottle, hat, eye protection and court shoes.

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If you have questions contact

Kathy Vollink at

2.0 Assisted Play

2.0 Assisted Play is for beginners who have attended skills classes or players with basic playing experience but who still need assistance. The members play a game while a mentor watches and instructs.

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For more information contact

Joyce Butler or Susie Eckhardt

2.5 Assisted Play

This is a 2-hour class. This is offered for those who want to augment their 2.5 drills and have a basic understanding of all the shots. It is also for those who have been playing awhile and want to improve their play with partners.   

We will focus on game play, moving with your partner and suggesting when and why you should use certain shots. We will utilize different games to practice partner movement while utilizing the entire court, half-court, and dinking games.

Please arrive having already stretched and ready to play to maximize your play time.

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If you have questions contact

Kathy Vollink at

Gary Quantz Drills and Lessons

The Quail Creek Pickleball Club employs a Player Development Instructor, Gary Quantz, to offer drills and lessons for players at the 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 level.

Schedule Updates

Posted on CourtReserve. Login and scroll down the home page to Current Events and Reminders.

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Private Lessons
For private lessons or more information contact Gary at

More About Gary and His Classes

3.0/3.5 Clinics
3.0/3.5 Clinic Day 

Clinic Day provides 3.0 to 3.5 level members with drill instruction taught in Advanced and 4.0 Drills with some adaptations. The drills are facilitated by 4.0 Level Players who attend 4.0 or Advanced Drills, which essentially means every member attending these classes is learning from our top-level players. 

The event is held twice per month with spots for 16 members. The groups of four have at least one coach per court with four different drill sessions.


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4.0 Drills

4.0 Drills 


This program provides drills to 4.0 level players, which mirror the Advanced Drills lessons. These Drills include playing with a partner, strategy and advanced shot selection. 


Skill level will be evaluated prior to attendance and the player must be nationally rated 4.0 and above or agree to take the 4.0 IPTPA test within three months.   


4.0 Drills are facilitated by high level 4.0 players who attend Advanced Drills that occur twice per month. For an evaluation, email Player Development Chair Michelle Skoglund at 

Advanced Drills

Advanced Drills is a mentorship program designed for players nationally rated 4.0 and above with 

commensurate skills. Skill level will be evaluated prior to attendance.  Al Skoglund and Sharon Kolarik are the lead instructors and coordinators.  

Advanced Drills encompass playing with a partner, 

strategy and advanced shot selection. Players attending these drills must mentor in the 4.0. 3.5 and 3.0 clinics. 

For an evaluation, email Player Development Chair Michelle Skoglund at  

Adv Drills
Skill Level Rating Information

QCPC members are not required to have skill level ratings for the majority of club activities; however, if you are interested in obtaining a rating, QCPC offers nationally recognized ratings as a member of the International Pickleball Teachers Professional Association (IPTPA).

For information on IPTPA ratings visit

3.0 & 3.5 Rater

Bill Vollink at

3.5, 4.0 & 4.5 Rater

Sharon Kolarik at

More Information

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