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FAQs Skill Level Rating Information

What does the test consist of?

There are two parts to the test: the first is a demonstration of pickleball skills and the second consists of three games of ghost doubles. At least one of the ghost doubles games must be against a rated player. Both parts must be passed to successfully pass the rating.  

Where can I find out more about the skill level test?

QCPC ratings are based on the IPTPA rating program. For more information go to  


Who can rate me?

Only an IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist (CRS) can conduct an IPTPA rating. Quail Creek has 2 CRS’s; Sharon Kolarik and Bill Vollink. For skill levels 3.0 & 3.5 contact Bill Vollink. For skill levels 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5 contact Sharon Kolarik. In addition, there are other CRS’s in the Tucson area. These names can be found on the IPTPA website. 


Can someone help me prepare for the rating?

Yes, but the CRS will only provide one practice session prior to the rating. This helps the CRS remain an independent evaluator. QCPC has others who are willing to help by providing one or two practice sessions.  

Where can I find rated players here at Quail Creek?

Login to CourtReserve and click on the Members tab. 

How many people can be rated at the same time?

A rating can be conducted with 1, 2 or 3 people in a group. However, the number of games against the rated skill level player differs depending on the number. In a one person rating the person must play the rated skill player 3 times in ghost doubles, for 2 people each would play the rated player twice and for 3 people all three would play each other once and the rated player  once. 

How can I get into a group to be rated?

If you are interested in being rated contact the CRS as a group of 3 or as an individual. The CRS will schedule a practice session and rating for your group. If you do not have a group, the CRS will put your name on a list and let you know when there is at least one other person ready to test at your skill level. Ideal number for a rating is 3.

Is there a cost?

Yes, there are two costs. The first is $15 to join IPTPA. This is an annual membership. IPTPA is a nationally recognized rating that includes a database for anyone to look up rated players. Second cost is to pay the CRS. Cost for ratings are the same across the nation. Cost is $45 for one person being rated and $33 for 2 or 3 people being rated. Payment is directly to the CRS. For example, if you are a current IPTPA member and you are in a group of 3, your cost is $33 to the CRS. If you are not a current IPTPA member and are in group of 3, your cost is $15 for IPTPA membership  and $33 to CRS. 

Can you play or watch me to let me know if I am ready to be tested?

QCPC Player Development asks instructors not to provide opinions on a person’s skill level. IPTPA ratings do not require any judgment from the CRS on a player’s ability. The rating is based on a cumulative count of shots made in the skill portion and points scored in the  game portion. For personal feedback on whether you are ready for a specific skill level rating have someone run you through the skill portion of the test and tally your score. Second, play ghost doubles against a mid-level rated person. The target pass count in the skill portion varies by skill level. At every level a player must score an average of 8 points in three games of ghost doubles.

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