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Pickleball Machine

Machine Training

To use the pickleball machine or be on the court with the machine, you must be a Quail Creek Pickleball Club member, receive the pickleball machine training and sign a waiver.

During the session, you will go through

safety protocols, how to reserve the machine, and use and care of the machine.​

If you would like to be trained on the pickleball machine, please text Naomi Giles at 858-945-7337. Naomi strives to train members in an expedient manner on a first come, first serve basis. With that in mind, she asks all training requests to come from each individual. 

Reserving the Machine

Login to CourtReserve and

go to the Reservations tab.

CourtReserve Instructions can be found under CourtReserve Help on the CourtReserve site.

Using the Machine

Safety Protocols and Procedures

Machine Settings

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