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Jan 20, 2024

Lots of pickleball competition coming up, including two Quail Creek teams playing each other! Come out and enjoy the play and cheer on your Quail Creek teams!

Not Today, Women's 3.0 65+: Naomi Giles (Captain), Lorey Carpenter, Jane Chung, Donna Davis, Carrie Domingo, kathryn faudi, Sheri Fronsee, Joyce Hackbert, Christy Hubbard, Susan Jones, Jamie Knight, Liz Livingston, Rosie Maas, Connie Olsen, Heather Otto, Terri Porisch.

When Pigs Fly, Women's 4.0 50+: Jennifer Corbin (Captian), Barbara Fain (Co-Captain), Lucie Desmond, Julie Kiker, Carolyn Mazaika, Tami Papapetru, Jenny Perkins, Karen Riley, Debi Vail

Midcourt Crisis, Mixed 3.5 50+: Alfred Gong (Captain), Jill Anderson, Bill Blythe, Bobbi Jo Blythe, Coleen Ebert, Jack Henry, Jean Henry, Sandra Hubbard, Scott Janetsky, Forrest Lien, Theresa Lien, Chuck Sobiech, Robin Tucker, Craig Witt, Madelyn Witt.

Quail Creek Leftovers, Men's 4.0 50+: Patrick Kolarik (Captain), Craig Macdonald (Co-Captain), Gary Babish, Fred Baum, Tim Bergold, Doug Christy, Greg Dinnocenti, Bill Giles, Bob Girouard, Kurt Kohler.

Quailienators, Men's 4.0 65+: Dave Mungo (Captain), Bill Vollink (Co-Captain), Gary Babish, Doug Christy, Mark Conner, Greg Dinnocenti, Bob Girouard, Ray Hayward, Kurt Kohler, Al Skoglund, Doug Stacken, Jeff Uhler, Doug Warren.






Not Today

Women’s 3.0 65+

01/24 (H)

01:00 pm


Not Today

Women’s 3.0 65+

01/31 (H)

01:00 pm


When Pigs Fly

Women’s 4.0 50+

02/01 (H)

02:00 pm

Midcourt Crisis

Mixed 3.5 50+

01/26 (H)

01:00 pm


Quail Creek Leftovers

Men’s 4.0 50+

01/22 (H)

01:30 pm


Quail Creek Leftovers

Men’s 4.0 50+

01/29 (H)

01:30 pm



Men’s 4.0 65+

02/02 (H)

Pickle Bros. 4.0 50+

02:00 pm


Starting February 9th there will be a 3.5 Women’s Organized Play event. This event will be on Fridays from 1pm to 3pm. Thank you so much to Tina Davis & Joyce Butler for volunteering!

As always, all Organized Play events require registration using CourtReserve. Members can participate in only 1 morning event per week and no more than two events per week total, regardless of starting time. Please be considerate to your fellow players and not exceed these limits!

Happy 2024! As I near the halfway point of January, THANKS to all that have taken one of my lessons! I’m so impressed with the enthusiasm and willingness to learn about pickleball and many of you also ask fantastic questions! It’s great to see many “regulars” still taking my classes along with meeting many new members too! I’m planning a couple specialized clinics both in February and March with several of our advanced club players and “Snap Pickleball” instructor Kathy Palese so stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Some of you have now asked if class payment can be made via VENMO. In today’s modern world, along with the hassle of rounding up cash, I think this is an excellent way to receive payment and make it easier for you. If you take a class and prefer electronic payment, let me know at the start of class and I’ll give you my VENMO information.

My REGULAR, 90-minute class format (8 students max/$10 pp) still incorporates 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, & 3.5 Levels. All regular classes are held once per week from 11am to 12:30pm. 3.0 level are Mondays, 3.5 level is Wednesdays, 2.5 level is Thursdays, and 2.0 level is Fridays. I introduce a topic each week involving a shot or strategy review (example: how to hit an overhead smash), practice & drilling, then usually ending each class with game scrimmaging. Signup on CourtReserve one week in advance to hold your class spot.  

My PRIVATE (60- or 90-minute) classes are a more hands on format with only up to 4 students maximum. I offer either one-on-one, couples, or groups of four lessons. Interested students must contact me prior to each weekend to request a date/time hold that best fits their schedule for the next upcoming week (example: contact me by Friday, January 26 for a private lesson hold during the week of January 29 thru February 2nd. Send your request for a private lesson to: or I’ll contact you with open dates and confirm before the end of each weekend. The cost is $15 pp for 60 minutes, $20 pp for 90 minutes.

Whether it’s a REGULAR or PRIVATE class you’re interested in, let me help you with your pickleball “journey”. 



Applicants for QCPC Officer Board Positions and Chairpersons Needed

It’s that time of year when we vote in two new QCPC Officer Board positions at our March member’s meeting.  Two officer positions (Vice President and Secretary) will term out on August 31st of this year.  Their replacements will be voted in at the March 21st membership meeting, and they will not start serving until September 1st of this year.  The Board recently assigned a search committee for these two positions. If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact me directly at and I will forward your name to this committee.  The descriptions, from our Policy and Procedure manual, are below:

Vice President (Officer Board Position)

The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall, in his/her absence, perform the duties of that office.  The Vice-President will also assume responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

Secretary (Officer Board Position)

The Secretary shall record the minutes of general and special meetings of the membership and Board, shall post the minutes in a timely manner, shall be in charge of all records of the QCPC, other than the Treasurer’s, shall maintain an archive of documents involved in the governance of the QCPC, shall be responsible for correspondence as requested by the members of the Board, shall make available any reports required by the Board, shall give notice of all Board and membership meetings at least 96 hours in advance, and shall include the meeting’s agenda with the notice.

We are also seeking applicants for two Chairperson positions for Communications and Information Technology.  These positions will be appointed by the voting Board members and do not need full membership approval.  Applicants can email me directly at and I will take directly to the Board for discussion and approval. The job descriptions, which also can be found in our Policy and Procedures manual, are below:

Information Technology Chairperson

The Information Technology (IT) Chairperson is the lead administrator for the primary software(s) used by the QCPC for memberships, court reservation, event registration, document distribution, the member directory, report generation and other information. The IT Chairperson ensures that other authorized QCPC system users and sub-administrators have access as needed. He/she is responsible for administering the calendar of events and court reservations and for making seasonal and other operational adjustments when necessary. The IT Chairperson also serves as a technical advisor to Board Members, Chairpersons, and QCPC members on matters pertaining to this software and its functions.


Communications Chairperson

The Communications Chairperson shall oversee publicity, email communications to members and potential members, web-site updates, and postings on the bulletin board at the courts. The Communications Chairperson will submit articles to Quail Creek Crossing and news of events to What’s Happening; send newsletters to the membership monthly, or as needed; coordinate with the Membership Chair for updates; and ensure that the bulletin board is neat and contains up to date information.


A reference library has been created for player development located under the pavilion by the lost and found.  The library contains information, such as: a rule book, ITPTA testing requirements and new serving rules.  If you would like a copy of any of the information, please email me at

If there is any information you think would be pertinent to the player development library, please contact me. 

Thank you, 

Michelle Skoglund 

Player Development 

Court Cleaning

The pickleball courts will be closed for cleaning on the following dates and times.

Be sure to consult the online reservation system before heading down to the courts

Thursday, February 1st, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Courts 1-4

Thursday, February 8th, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Courts 5-8

Thursday, February 15th, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Courts 9-12

Thursday, February 22nd, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Courts 13-16

No cleaning on the 29th 


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