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Jan 6, 2024

Welcome New Members!

Felix Marcial

Chris Davis

You Are Invited

to Celebrate the

10th Anniversary of the

QC Pickleball Courts!

January 20, 2024

from 1 – 3 PM

Come celebrate this milestone event with your Pickleball friends. All current

members are invited to attend along with past members who were here when

our courts opened.

Our afternoon will include games with prizes, music by Bill Foraker, 50/50 raffle (6

tickets for $5 and 12 tickets for $10), a walk down memory lane, our history,

introduction of our past presidents and progress on our new courts. The Club will

provide the beverages (wine, beer & sodas) and dessert. We will ask several

attendees to bring an appetizer to share. There will be a balloon arch for picture-


Please bring your own chairs and even a card table that you will be able to set up

on Court #2. Remember that chairs and tables must be covered with rubber – no

metal on the courts.

Remember to wear your 10th Anniversary t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Your QCPC Board and Committee Chairs hope to have a great turnout so please

put this date on your calendar and remember to sign up starting on January 10.

Doug Christy

QCPC President

Open Play Participation

In anticipation of the new courts opening, the club would like to get a better understanding of Open Play participation. Due to the ‘dropin’ nature of this event, we will be having a manual ‘sign in’ for one week. There will be a spiral notebook down at the Open Play courts from January 7th to January 13th, please take a minute to sign in/out. Susie Eckhardt has graciously offered to assist in this process.

Questions should be directed to Madelyn Witt at Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Couple Reminders

QCPC Policy and Procedures


QC residents are welcome to bring their dogs to the QC pickleball facility in accordance with QC POA and QCPC rules:

1. Dogs are not allowed on pickleball courts.

2. Dogs must be on a leash or otherwise appropriately restrained.

3. The owner/custodian must accompany the dog at all times. It is not sufficient for dogs to be leashed to a bench, fence, etc. while the owner is playing pickleball.

4. The owner/custodian must promptly clean up all solid waste deposited by his/her dog.


Official Communications of the QCPC QCPC officers, Board members, and their designees communicate with the QC POA (including QC committees and employees) on behalf of QCPC as needed. QCPC communicates with Club members via published minutes of QCPC Board meetings, a periodic newsletter, bulletin boards, the QCPC website, Facebook posts, and general meetings of Club members.

The QCPC newsletter, bulletin boards, Facebook posts, and website may include items or links related to:

1. QCPC rules and governing documents

2. QCPC scheduled play

3. QCPC-sponsored player development activities

4. QCPC social activities

5. tournaments and exhibitions

6. pickleball education, ratings, and etiquette

7. QCPC Board actions and positions

8. offers of services and equipment deemed useful to Club members

9. administration and maintenance of the QC pickleball courts

10. emergency and safety information

11. factual information related to QCPC and the QC courts

12. member accomplishments, and

13. items of general interest to pickleball players

Official communications of QCPC shall reflect the official positions of QCPC as determined by the QCPC Board. Official communications of the QCPC and member posts on QCPC social media (including Facebook) and other QCPC communication media (i.e., bulletin boards) shall not contain (a) foul language or (b) statements or material that is personally derogatory, abusive, or offensive.

Individual member opinions on policies and issues affecting QC pickleball are not appropriate for QCPC communications. However, Club members are invited to communicate directly with QCPC Board members and/or QC POA Board members with suggestions and concerns involving pickleball in QC.

QCPC Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 9th

4:00 pm in the Silver Room

Arizona Pickleball Players League

QC Home Games

APPL competition is starting up. Come watch your Quail Creek teams and cheer on your fellow pickleball players!

Midcourt Crisis, Mixed 3.5 50+: Alfred Gong (Captain), Jill Anderson, Bill Blythe, Bobbi Jo Blythe, Coleen Ebert, Jack Henry, Jean Henry, Sandra Hubbard, Scott Janetsky, Forrest Lien, Theresa Lien, Chuck Sobiech, Robin Tucker, Craig Witt, Madelyn Witt

Quailienators, Men's 4.0 65+: Dave Mungo (Captain), Bill Vollink (Co-Captain), Gary Babish, Doug Christy, Mark Conner, Greg Dinnocenti, Bob Girouard, Ray Hayward, Kurt Kohler, Al Skoglund, Doug Stacken, Jeff Uhler, Doug Warren







Men’s 4.0 65+

01/12 (H)

Designated Drivers 4.5/5.0 50+

02:00 pm



Men’s 4.0 65+

01/19 (H)

Oro Valley Roadrunners 4.0 50+

02:00 pm


Midcourt Crisis

Mixed 3.5 50+

01/18 (H)

Weezers and Geezers

01:00 pm


So Much Fun!!

"Not Today" (Women's 3.0 65+) had an APPL scrimmage game on Jan 3rd.  

We competed against ten players from the "Desert Dinkers" (Women's 3.0 55+) and filled five courts for almost three hours of pickleball fun.


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